SteveJohnsonFamily - Person Sheet
SteveJohnsonFamily - Person Sheet
NameJoel Burgess Sr. 271
Birthabt 1742, Bedford Co., VA271
DeathFeb 1803, Laurens Co, SC
Birthabt 1748271
Deathaft 1830
FatherWilliam Heath (~1725-)
Marriageabt 1762271
ChildrenElijah (~1764-)
 Roland (1800-)
 Joel (1794-)
Notes for Joel Burgess Sr.
Land Deed Book B is missing the first 20 pages, and the date is missing from the following entry (the next entry is dated Jan 1787): Richard Nix, planter, to James McDale, 100 acres on south side of Little River, bounded by James Harvy, James Ryan, McNeese Goode and Cornelius Cargill. Wit: Lewis Saxon;Wm Martin; Martin Martin.

From Deed Book B, p301, 30 Apr 1788: Joel Burgess and Penellepy, his wife , of Laurens District sold to Richard Ship (who later removed to Georgia) for 200 pounds lawful money, 95 acres on Beaverdam, a branch of Little River being part of 150 acres granted to Acquilla Hall in 1770 and 20 acres of said grant to Joel Burgess, bearing date1786, and bounded by lands of Francis Moore, dec’d; Yerby Land; Mark Moore; NcNeese Goode; Charles Parrott and Widow Harvey. Signed: Joel Burgess; Eleanor Burgess. (Note: Penellope Eleanor)

Deed Book B p? (torn), about 1787: Patrick Cunningham and Ann, his wife, to James and Samuel Saxon, 100 acres. Wit: Joel Burgess; Thomas Hughes.

Deed Book B, p99, 2 Apr 1787: Robert Henry Hughs, of Wake County, NC to John Newman 370 acres on south side of Enoree River. Wit: Richard Burgess; John Briggs; John Robinson.

Deed Book B, p 365, 27 Dec 1787: Joel Burgess of Laurens, SC sold 150 acres to Lewis Saxon on south fork of Raburn Creek, said land granted to Lewis Saxon 1 Jan 1785 and conveyed to said Joel Burgess 13 Mar 1786 and now conveyed back to said Lewis Saxon. Bounded by lands of Alex Mazick; Thomas Calhoun; John McClanahan and Mose Kirkland.

Deed Book A, p46, 26 Sep 1785: Edmund Learwood to Mark Moore, land bounded James Ryan; Acquilla Hall; and vacant land. Wit: Peter Ragsdale and J. Burgess.

Deed Book A, p193, 23 Oct 1779: Samuel Neighbors to Joel Burgess of Laurens County, 75 acres on Beaverdam Creek, waters of Saluda, originally granted to Acquilla Hall. Wit: Ratcliff Jewel; Joel Harvey; Charles Harvey.

Deed Book C, p68, 26 Aug 1789: Peter Casity sold 100 acres on Cain Creek to John Wells. Wit: Elijah Burgess.

From Deed Book C, p 357, 17Mar 1791: Joel Burgess of Laurens to Richard Jewell, 200 acres on Beaverdam Creek, a branch of Little River, part of original 150 acre grant to Richard Jewell, 4 Apr 1785. Wit: Richard Shipp; Thomas Babb.

From Deed Book K, p 278, 23 Aug 1819: George Brownlee of Laurens to John Brownleee of Laurens, 350 acres on Beaverdam Creek, bounded by lands of Turner Richardson, the Widow Burgess, George Wharton, Andrew Burnside.

From Deed Book M, p 74, 4 Nov 1828: Joel Burgess to Christopher Hardy 100 acres bounded by lands of Turner Richardson, Lewis Smith, and heirs of Joel Burgess, deceased. Wit: Thos Rodgers; John Milam. Elizabeth Burgess, wife of Joel Burgess, JR signed dower.

From SC Archives and History:
Joel Burgess, Sr. - 239 Acres, 96th District-State Plats, V4 p34, May 20 1784.
Joel Burgess, Sr. - 239 Acres, 96th District-Grants, V9 p14, Feb 6, 1786
Joel Burgess, Sr. - 20 Acres, 96th District-Grants, V9 p16, Feb 6, 1786
Joel Burgess, Sr. - 20Acres, 96th District-State Plats, V2 p116, May 19, 1785
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