JohnsonFamily2/19/24 - Person Sheet
JohnsonFamily2/19/24 - Person Sheet
Birth24 Mar 1812, Blackrock, NS307,217
Christen4 Jun 1817, Cornwallis, NS1749
Death26 May 1901, Granite Falls, WA307
BurialMachias, WA,
FatherWilliam Blascot Crowe (~1777-1851)
MotherMargaret Murray (1780-1858)
Birth9 Dec 1810, Wilmot Or Cornwallis, Annapolis, NS307,134
Death20 May 1896, Lavaca, Cherry Co, NE307
BurialLavaca Cemetery, Gordon, Cherry Co, NE
FatherWilliam English (1782-1866)
MotherAmy Harris Baltzer (1784-)
Family ID828
Marriage19 Mar 1834, St Johns Anglican Ch, Horton, NS307,178,1061,1286
ChildrenMatilda Ann (1834-1923)
 Joel Wilson (1836-1914)
 Margaret Moriah (1841-1854)
 Patrick Murry (1844-1914)
 John Richard (1847-1927)
Notes for William George Crowe
Immigrated to USA, NH, in 1849

His gravestone spells Crow (no e), Aged 89 years,2 months, 2 days.
“May he rest in peace”. I have a picture of the stone.
Lived in Woodbury Co, IA, 22 miles from Sioux City, Jan 3, 1885.

As told to Gertrude Herman by Julia Crowe Herrman:
William George Crowe, wife and six children left Nova Scotia in 1848 and went to Portsmouth, NH and spent 5 years there. Then went to Wisconsin and then to Minnesota and are in the 1860 census. Sometime later, W.G. and two sons, including Patrick Murray went with the Army as scouts and they went up the Missouri River on a paddle wheeler and landed in Fort Benning, MT. Patrick Murray spent 5 years in Montana returning to Minnesota. The 1870 census shows Wm. Geo. gone from home-he travelled a lot. Patrick Murray married in 1870 and had 2 or 3 of his children in MN. Then they went to Sioux City, IA and that’s where Julia was born. Arthur and Patrick Murray both homesteaded near Hornick in Woodbury Co, IA. In 1892 they took wagons and a buggy for mother and went to Nebraska in Cherry Co. and spent the winter and then on to White Sulphur Springs Montana where he managed the Cooper Ranch. (Gary Cooper’s father). He was a -----. Then Patrick Murray went to Helena, MT where he was superintendent of a gold mine. His sons headed for Washington and then Patrick Murray quit his job and he and his family took the train to Washington and landed in Seattle on new years eve of 1900. (Possiblly 1899), Julia was married in 1902174.

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William CROWE Sex:  M
Spouse:  Sarah ENGLISH
Marriage:  19 Mar 1834 Saint John's Anglican, Cornwallis Twp, Kings, Nova Scotia
M534102 1783-1895 Film # 1376193
William George Crowe, born 24 March 1812 in Nova Scotia, baptized at Cornwallis, Nova Soctia on 4 June 1817. He married Sarah English on 18 March 1834 in St. John’s Anglican Church, Horton, Nova Scotia. Sarah was born 19 March 1810. William G. Crowe taught surveying and navigation for eight years in Nova Scotia, and operated trading vessels between there and the West Indies. Sarah English was the daughter of a New England shipowner. They moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1846, in 1848 they moved to Madison, Wisconsin. They went to Claremont, Minnesota in 1857 or 1858, where he purchased the Jacoby brick store, built a brick extension and used the building for storage. In 1887, he took a homestead in Cherry County, Nebraska. Located near Lavacca, south and west of Merriman. His wife moved to Iowa to live with their son, Patrick. William liked Nebraska well enough to convince his son Joel Wilson, to sell the store in Claremnont Minnesota and move to Lavacca. Later they were joined by Patrick and Sarah had no choice, she too came to Lavacca. Patrick stayed in Nebraska just one year and then went west to Washington State. William George Crowe went with son Patrick, Sarah remained in Nebraska with Joel Wilson. Sarah English Crowe died 20 May 1896, she is buried in the Lavacca Cemetery, William Crowe died 26 May 1901 in Granite Falls Washington and is buried in Machias, Washington.134

William Crowe
 in the Iowa, State Census 1885
Name: William Crowe
Age: 73
Sarah age 74, wife
M (Male)
Birth Country: Nova Scotia
Township Number: 87
Range: 45
Section: 28
Location: NW SW
Marital Status: M
Father's Nativity: F
Mother's Nativity: F
Line Number: 13
Dwelling Number: 15
Family Number: 15
Page Number:512
State: IA
County: Woodbury
Township Name: West Fork
Family History Film: 1021703
Volume: 280
Source Information
Quigg, Gary, comp.. Iowa, State Census 1885 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2003.
Original data: See Description for original data sources listed by county.
This database is an index to the 1885 Iowa State Census (U.S.A.). It covers several counties and contains the following information: the names of every member of the household, their genders, ages, birthplaces, lcation (town, county, state), marital status, and much more.
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Here is something You may not get elsewhere: After the Civil war, Grandfather (William George) proposed that U.S. obtain a tract in Africa and ship the Negro there. It seems now it was for the best all round. 1240
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