1201. 1925 Census Iowa State, Guthrie. Louis (Lewis) Hambleton and Family
1202. 1885 Census Iowa State Guthrie. J.H. Reynolds, Christian Dalzell, Fred Guthrie
1203. Marriage Record, Iowa, Guthrie. John Wine and Grace Morman, jan 23, 1913
1204. 1925 Census, Iowa State, Guthrie. John Wine Family
1205. 1905 Census, Iowa State, Guthrie, Victory. George S. Wine Family
1206. 1920 Census Iowa, Guthrie, Victory. Allie Reynolds, Nina
Pauline, Samuel and brother Tom.
1207. 1880 Census Iowa Guthrie Victory. Jonathon Reynolds Family
1208. Marriage Certificate, Skagit Co, WA, Frank Herl and Ora Pederslie, 7 May 1955
Witnesses Carl and Julie Nieshe.
1209. Marriage Certificate, Sedro-Woolley, WA. Earl M. Nieshe and Julie May Herl, 11 Jan 1941
1210. Deborah Vallance Family Tree, debbjelde,
Ora Lee McCoy Family
1211. 1920 Census Washington, Skagit, West Hamilton, Ransom Herl and Family, also Joseph J. Herl family.
1212. Email 31 Jan 2016 from Loa Titman

Query for Reunion

Hi Steve,
I personally do not think that you will be getting too many people to fill
out that complex a form! However, I'd like to know where people are
currently living and what they are doing for a living or did before they
retired. An email  address would be great for corresponding. Some memories
or stories of growing up would be fantastic, but most people are not as
wordy as you and me.
I looked over my form- I would take out all of the emails except our current
I spoke with Sharon Arcand this morning. Her news of the day: their son
Philip and partner Maxine are expecting a second child this August. Another
twig on the old tree. She also informed me that Kay Bennett passed away
January 1, 2016. That only leaves Cec and Marlene of their generation in
that family. If you haven't seen the obit just put in' Kay Bennett obit
Nebraska' and it will come up. I guess that is my last Christmas card from
It is sunny and warm here especially for a January....climate warming at it
Talk soon.
1213. Obituary Kathryn “Kay” Ann Crowe Bennett, (/30/1929-1/1/2016 at the home of John and Sherri Bennett.

Kathryn "Kay" Ann Bennett Obituary
Date of Birth:
Monday, September 30th, 1929
Date of Death:
Friday, January 1st, 2016
Funeral Home:
Holmes Funeral Home
321 N Wood St
Valentine, Nebraska, UNITED STATES
Kathryn Ann Bennett, 86, of Valentine, NE passed into our Lord’s loving arms on January 1, 2016, on the day of Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, while recovering from an illness at the home of John and Sherri Bennett. Kay, the third and middle child of Catherine and Fred Crowe, was born on September 30, 1929 in Todd County, S. D.

The family moved thereafter to ranches near Merriman, Valentine and Wood Lake. In her teen years, Kay overcame Polio, partly because of her iron will, and partly with her love of animals. She raised a 4-H heifer calf named Silver Queen, and also broke a sorrel gelding for Bus Harms, which he gifted her with once gentled. She spent many hours on her treasured friend, Partner. The infatuation with equine remained through her life, and she enjoyed watching her son, John’s, horses from his front window in her final days.

Kay traveled the Chicago-Northwestern train from Wood Lake to O’Neill where she attended High School at St. Mary’s, graduating at the age of sixteen. Immediately after graduation, Kay began her near seventy-year career at what is now Quigley, Dill, and Quigley. She was proud to have assisted three generations of Quigley’s and many decades with William Dill. She loved the people of Valentine and wanted to continue working, planning to be back in the office in the spring.

Kay will be remembered for her devotion to Christ, her love of Nebraska football, and her angel collection. The American Legion Auxiliary, Alter Society, and Christian Mothers were near and dear to Kay’s heart. Kay never forgot a birthday or special event, ensuring that cards or gifts were on time or early.

Understand this, Kay would not want us to mourn her passing, but rejoice in knowing that she will be in the presence of the Lord and is no longer encumbered by any of the pains or sufferings that affected her earthly body. We know that she is in heaven, smiling down on all of us, waiting until we can all be together again.

Survivors include her brother Cecil Crowe and wife Marlene of Pueblo, CO., her children and their spouses, Stephanie and Scott Calabrese of Antioch, IL, CSM (R) Michael and Virginia Terry of North Augusta, SC, and John and Sherri Bennett of York, NE. Grandchildren are Brian and Brandon Buechle of Centennial, CO, Shane Terry and spouse Mandy of Taylor, TX, Ryan Terry and spouse Shannon of Hope Mills, NC, Mandi Bennett of York, NE, and Nicole Bennett of Omaha, NE. Great grandchildren are Kathryn, Jason, Kaylee and Julia Terry (Ryan’s children), Anya, Cameron, Andon, and Michael (Shane’s children), and Christopher Butrick (Mandi’s son).

Kay was preceded in death by her parents, Fred and Catherine Crowe, brother George and spouse, Virginia Crowe, brother Richard Crowe, and sister Stella Mary Otte and spouse Gene.

Funeral services for Kathryn Crowe Bennett were held on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at Saint Nicholas Church in Valentine. Father Abraham officiated at the 10:00 a.m. service. Burial followed at Mt. Hope cemetery in Valentine, where she was laid to rest near her parents and eldest brother and his wife. Holmes Funeral Home lovingly handled the final arrangements.
1214. email from Shelly Ward Fox,, 2/5/2016

Hi Steve,
This is Shelley (Ward) Fox and I have found some additions to the web site under Harry Ayers/ Bernice Ayers Ward:

James Merritt Ward passed away on 5/9/15

and under Shelley Ward/ Rachel Fox Adams:

Gretchen now has 3 sisters:
Alexandra Harriman Adams born 2/23/2009
Lindsey Bell Adams born 1/28/14
Heidi Fox Adams born 1/28/14

and under Shelley Ward/ Aaron Joseph Fox:
Lincoln Alexander Fox has 2 more siblings:
Weston Danger Fox born 1/11/2008
Amelia Piper born 10/15/2011

That is it for now!
Shelley Ward Fox
315 4th Ave SE
Pacific, WA  98047
(425) 749-0896
1215. Crowe Family, lesliec1766,, Starting 6 Feb 2016
1216. Email attachment from Loa Titman 13 Feb 2016

Grace Crowe Lasky Gardner family:
April Ann (Carol) Eaton dau Tori later married Cliff Zukoski
You have Blaine Charles Eaton Jr married to his mother Becky Cate. He is not married as far as I know.
Ralph Lasky Sr. married July 4, 1992 not 1991. To Gloria Adelle (Lacoursiere)BRUMLEY, she was born Sept 28, 1948.
Stephanie Brooke Lammel is married with three children- don’t know names yet.
Another name mix-up: Ralph (Sonny) Lasky Jr. has only one wife-Crystal Norman NOT Gloria (Lacoursiere) Brumley which is his dad’s second wife.

Pauline Crowe Porchet family:
Patricia Morris Anderson dau LINDSEY not Lindsay divorced from Scot Smid.

Dollie Louise Crowe Matinson Hiltz family
Constance Marie Angelica Ann Martinson married Dec 30, 1978 not 1977 to Terry McConochie he was born Jan 6, 1956.
Connie’s Children- Michelle Patricia McConochie m Darren Rutschke (May 22, 19..- May 18, 2007);
Had 3 kids: Angelee Jean Rutschke Feb 28, 2003
Kendra Mae Rutschke Jan 31, 2004
Evan James Rutschke Oct 7, 2005
later common law with Shayne Switzer; have one child with him- Melanie Anne Switzer b Apr 14, 2010
James Martin McConochie married Aug 3, 2003 Sonia Francoeur b, Apr 26, 1981 2 kids-
Teah McConochie May 8, 2006
Zoe Julienne McConochie Apr 17, 2009
Melissa Ann McConochie married Nov 17, 2013 Doug Parsons b May 12, 1970. No kids.
Roderick (Rick) Brendan Martinson dau Drew LYNDSEY Marie Martinson married Mar 21, 2015 Jeffery David Babcock b Mar 16, 1985.
son Anthony RJ Martinson common law with Becky Edwards.
Teresa AR Martinson Anderson son Joshua BE Martinson common law Allison Kendal Stahl.
dau Cassandra Reneta Clara Anderson married Aug 11, 2013 Matthew Stickland b Mar 5, 1988. 2 kids.
Ava Lynne Stickland June 26, 2012
Ryder Eric Stickland Sep 24, 2014
Lorie LA (Martinson) Smienk died June 12, 2013
Lori’s dau Liselle M Smienk married June 2, 2005 Evan Rogerson- now divorced;
have one child Rowan Mary Rogerson Mar 17, 2007.
Liselle later common law with Brett Shuttleworth one child Cayden Leigh Shuttleworth Dec 23, 2013
Lori’s dau Adriana M Schienk married Sep 5, 2010 Donald (Don) Jonathon Gaven b July 24, 1984. One child
Ava Lorie Ann Gaven Jan 11, 2014
Randy R Martinson divorced Lisa Tkatchuk
Randy’s dau Tiffany M Anderson common law with Scott Herman Herdman b May 13, 1983
Robbin F Martinson divorced Carolyn (Carrie) Chalmers in 2013
His dau Jennifer G Martinson commom law with Jamie Kraft b Nov 10, 1979 ; 2 kids
Sophia Martinson Kraft Jan 5, 2010
Samuel River Martinson Kraft Jun 10, 2014
Lisa MK Martinson dau Heidi LJ Martinson married July 18, 2009 David Simon Veldman b June 9, 1987.
Vanessa NK (Martinson) Worthington son Matthew J Worthington married May 16, 2015 Bethany Unger b Jan 18, 1992.
Tamara (Tammy) L (Martinson)Borzel son Jonah ER MARTINSON-BORZEL –note hyphenated name; common law with Kaitlyn Hellervik b Aug 6, 1989 one kid- Theodor Hellervik Martinson-Borzel b Apr 30, 2013
Allesha M Martinson (kept maiden name) married Sept 7 not Sep 9, 1976 has 2 kids:
Luke William Martinson Jun 29 2005
Piper Leah Martinson Sep 7, 2007

Olga LOUISE Martinson Stone dau Karen L Stone Baker Her husband Ken James Baker died April 18, 2015
Ken Stone son Shawn D Stone married Aug 22, 2014 to Connie.. unk.

Bernard Martinson dau Betty Ann later married Dec 31, 1994 in Fernie ,B.C. Paul L. Traynor.He died Apr 9, 1998 in Calgary, AB. His ashes are laid to rest at Camp Koocanusa, B.C.
Betty Ann later married May 20, 2006 Mike Pentony b July 21, 1955

Marjorie Lionne Crowe Morelli Family:
Allison L (Morelli) Fries has one more child: Samantha Nicole Fries b Aug 4, 2015
Please remove the photo of Addyson Lariviere.

Katherine (Kit) (Crowe) McKinnon family:
Sandra McKinnon Taylor dau Tara Lee was born a Wiem but was adopted by Bob Taylor when Sandra and Bob married. So her legal maiden name is Tara Lee Taylor.

Winnifred (Crowe) Ayers Family:
Theodore R J Ayers son John H Ayers Nov 19, 1933- July 6, 1999, married first June 21, 1952 Alice Jeanette Richardson May 22, 1937-July 20, 1970. Divorced her. Later married Dec 19, 1976 Cecilia Downing Cook and later married Dec 10, 1987 Barbara Koening.
John and Alice son Perry J Ayers Apr 28, 1957 married Dec 18, 1975 Linda J Welhe Feb 17, 1957 2 kids:
Jonathon (Jon) James ayers Sep 1, 1977 married 2003 Katie… has 2 kids:
Lonna Abigail Ayers Dec 28, 2003
James Ayers Dec 24, 2009
Michael Wayne Ayers Oct 5, 1980
Son Daniel Joseph Ayers Aug 19, 1958 married June 11, 1983 Linda Kaye Evans b . Apr 28, 1963 one son adopted in Oct 22, 1996- Zachariah Thomas Ayers b Jul 18, 1995
Daughter Phylliss M Ayers July 7, 1965 married Dec 26, 1987 Kirk D Marshall b Mar 5, 1964. 2 kids.
Syra Ann Marshall Oct 22, 1991
Alisa Francine Marshall June 26, 1996
1217. email attachment from Loa Titman on 13 Feb 2016
Winnie Crow Family con’t
John and Alice son Perry J Ayers Apr 28, 1957 married Dec 18, 1975 Linda J Weihe Feb 17, 1957 2 kids: it is WEIHE my mistake!
Estelle Peterson-Richard-Nickalas ERIC not Erie Perry.
Vernon – Rebekah D Perry married IVAN not Juan P. O’Meara

Theodore (Rusty) Ayers married Kathryn Helfina Holland b JUNE 26 1938.
Son David Glen Ayers b Jan 27, 1960 married May 11, 1982 Vickie Cain b Apr 15, 1956. Div. Vickie’s son is Daniel Forrest Gurnsey Cain b May 1, 1979. Daniel married Valerie and have 2 kids:
Kaitlyn Cain b Feb 2000
Makinzy Rose Cain b July 2002
Daniel and Vickie have 2 kids: Matthew Theodore Ayers b Nov 27, 1982
Jessica Faye Ayers b Mar 7, 1989 Jessica married Josh…
Dau Mary Kathryn (Kathy) Ayers b Apr 28, 1966 married July 8, 1996 Joseph Blair Greenwood b June 12, 1970 Have 2 kids.
Arwen Kathryn Niamh Greenwood b Oct 21, 2001
Madoc William Robert Greenwood b May 29, 2007
Son Andrew James Ayers b July 13, 1972.

Dottie Jo Ayers June 12, 1939-Oct 15, 1942

Ken D. Ayers b May 13, 1944 married Nov 21, 1964 Mary Louise Davis b Oct 3, 1943.
Dau Dana L. Ayers b Oct 6, 1965 married June 28, 1985 John Erickson . Div.
Lm June 24, 1991 James Morgan. Div.
Lm Oct 2001 Nick Hawley .Div.
Lm Sept 9, 2005 Gary Wayne Sherman b Nov 21, 1958.
Dana & John Erickson had 4 kids:
Jamie Lynn Erickson b Aug 28, 1984
Theodore Jon Erickson b Apr 18, 1986 married July 8, 2013 Sara Lindsey Henderson b Jan 30, 1983. 2 kids:
Isaac Christopher Erickson b Aug 3, 2006
Parker Anthony Erickson b Feb 22, 2010
Zachery Alan Erickson b Mar 6, 1988 common law Jessica Lorraine Thomas b Nov 19, 1990 1 kid:
Orthaniel James Erickson b Mar 2, 2012
Adam Michael Erickson b Apr 2, 1990 married or cl Michelle Kristine Krinksi b Apr 5, 1990

Dau Dottie Jo Ayers b June 22, 1967 married Aug 10, 1991 Dennis Casey. 2 kids:
Taylor John Casey b July 10, 1992
Tristin Louise Casey b July 2, 1995
Dau Gina Marie Ayers b June 6, 1972 married July 10, 1993 Brian Stevens (Note the ‘S’). Div.
Lm Dec 5, 2009 Rodney Bodwine ( his 2 kids: Christine Bodwine b Mar 21, 1996; Rodney Bodwine Jr b Sep 26, 2001)
Gina and Brian Stevens had 3 kids:
Drew Danielle Stevens b Apr 28, 1995
Devin Marie Stevens b July 7, 1997
Beau Allen Stevens b Oct 22, 1998
Son Jason Dale Ayers b Sep 17, 1976 married Jade Elyse b Apr 18,1976. Div. had 1 kid with her:
Ivy Jean Ayers b Dec 17, 1996
Common law Jennifer Crow had 1 kid: Hannah Crow b 1998
Common law Misty Jones –one kid: Harmony Jones b May 19, 1999
Common law Janelle Whitehead – one kid- Trevor Ayers Joseph Whitehead Oct 15, 2000-May 21, 2011
Common law Angie Antijunti- one kid- Jaman Antijunti b July 3, 2001
Common law Kaycee Miller –one kid: Raven Dale Miller b Sep 4, 2003

Robert Joe (Bobby Jo) Ayers b Oct 5, 1949 Married Jan 14, 1977 Julie Thompson. Div.
Lm Apr 3, 1981 Carol Lynn Rupp b Aug 21, 1958. 2 kids:
Rebecca Shea Ayers b June 19, 1987
Alexandria Kay Ayers b July 6, 1993

Son of Winnifred & Harry Ayers
Harold Leland Ayers Dec 22, 1908- Sept 13, 1992 married Elma Hightower 1908-1974. Div.
Lm Lora Sutmiller

Bernice W. Ayers Ward Family:
Son Bill Jr dau Shelley (Ward) Fox – note it is SHELLEY
Shelley’s dau Rachel I. (Fox) Adams has 4 kids:
Gretchen Ilene Adams b Sep 16, 2005
Alexandria Harriman Adams Feb 23, 2009
Twins Heidi Fox Adams Jan 28, 2014
Lindsey Bell Adams Jan 28, 2014
Aaron J. Fox has 3 kids:
Lincoln Alexander Fox b July 15, 2003
Westen Danger Fox b Jan 11, 2008
Amelia Piper Fox Oct 15, 2011

Son Wm ‘Billy” J Ward dau Courtney her common law Daniel Michael Craft b Sep 5, 1976
Son Wm “Billy” J Ward son Johnathon ‘John’ was only married once. He is not div.

Frances (Sis) L. Ward Bruckner later married Lee Cundall.
Sis & Claude’s Kids:
K.C.Bruckner m Nancy Lou Rice b July 8, 1958 2 kids
Heather Lynn Bruckner b Jun 9, 1979
Dustin James Bruckner b Feb 15, 1984
Michael G. Bruckner son Christopher Michael Bruckner
Tammy Jo Bruckner rest of info is good.
Lynn A. Bruckner dau Angela Dawn Bruckner
Lynn lm on Aug 8, 1989 Julie Lehn.

Bernice W. (Ward) Brown after she died Willis remarried Virginia.
Bernice & Willis son Randall S. Brown son Kyle EEYERS Brown- apparently found an old spelling of name. Rest is good.
Son kevin C. Brown dau Malerie her son Eric b |Mar 17, 1999.

James Merritt Ward died May 9, 2015 His wife’s maiden name is BEMAN.
Son Ronald dau Gena Renaee Ward is married with children.

Leslie G. Mick Ward son Scott has 3 kids:
Sydney Rebecca Ward b Sep5, 1997
Connor Michael Ward b July 6, 1999
Addison Olivia Ward b Apr 10, 2001
Son Jeffery J Ward legally adopted Megan Marie Phillips so her name is Megan Marie Ward. b Sep 28, 1989.
1218. email attachment from Loa Titman, 2/14/2016
“Last of Winnie Crowe Update”

Last of Winnie Crowe update
George Fred Ayers family:
Son Donald Wayne Ayers dau Julile Ayers dau Alaura Ayers b Dec 14, 1986
Dau Chelsea Ayers Bird 2 kids:
Rylie Shaelyn Bird b Mar 22, 2002
Sadie Elizabeth Bird b Sep 19, 2005
Son Christopher W. Ayers married Aug 26, 2000 Alaura M. Hinkley. Div
Later married March 15, 2003 Kayci Diane Barnes 2 Kids.
Kleven Christopher Ayrs b June 20, 2005
Ezra Paul Ayers b May 2007
Son Benjamin J. Ayers has 2 kids.
Benjamin Keoni Ayers b Nov 6, 2000
Samuel Alton Ayers b Apr 3, 2003
Dau Diana M Ayers Nowland dau Stacia D. Nowland b Nov 13, 1974

James Darwin Ayers Family:
Dau Sheryl Sue Ayers Lyons b April 28, 1939 dau Debra K Lyons b Nov 27, 1965 married May 31, 1986
Michael J. Pantschyschak . 1 kid
Stephanie Ann Pantschyschak b Nov 3, 1987
Son James D. Lyons b March 31, 1967married and Div. Anna Wallace.
Later married and Div. Merillee Miller. Had 1 kid;
James Donald Lyons Jr. b Dec 30, 1994
Later married Susan P. Dore
Dau Pamela Sue Lyons b July 4, 1969 married May 28, 1994 Greg Harrison b Nov 22, 1969 1 kid.
Quinten Tyler Harrison b Apr 27, 2001
Dau Linda Lou Ayers b June 9, 1945, married and Div. (in 1972) Thomas Smith 1944-1986.
Later married Mar 24, 1991 Harry Vaughn Hanst b 1949.
Linda and Thomas had 2 kids.
Tawyna Kaye Smith b Feb 16, 1967 married and Div. Ed Richardson. Had 2 kids.
Erin Leigh Richardson b Oct 17, 1987
Joshua Michael Richardson b Feb 6, 1990
Elizabeth Anne Smith b Dec 30, 1967. She had a child before marriages:
Jason Smith b Feb 16, 1985
Elizabeth married and Div. Russell Lemasters. They had 2 kids.
Danielle Marie Lemasters b. June 24, 1986
Amanda Rose Lemasters b Jan. 1988
Elizabeth later married and Div. Randy Holland. They had 1 kid.
James Randall Holland b. March 24, 1991
Elizabeth later married George Wiley.
Dau Rebecca(Becky) Jane Ayers b Nov 9, 1947 married and DIV. Thomas Mitchell b 1942.They had 1 kid
Debbie Ann Mitchell b. Dec 1, 1973 married Matthew Bernard. Has 1 kid.
Kaylie Bernard b Nov 1999
Becky later married and DIV. Joseph Ross
Becky later married and DIV Pete Bernardi
Becky later married Walter Kowalczk

Frances Ellen Ayers Jensen son Brian married April 1993 Dana Kay Litteral b Nov 20, 1958. Dana had a dau from a previous marriage – Kellie Kay Roe b July 19, 1981.
Kellie K. Roe had 2 kids from a previous marriage.-don’t know who.
Kellie later married April 2010 Adam Reeves. He legally adopted Kellie’s two boys.
Kellie’s sons: Brandon G. Reeves b Mar 7, 2004
Jeremy Scott Reeves b Sept 1, 2006
Kellie and Adam’s dau: Ariana Juliette Reeves b Jun 19, 2011
Son Craig Richard Jensen b Nov 5, 1953 married Dec 15, 1981 Deborah Kaye Williams b April 19, 1952.
Their son Brandon Craig Jensen b July 10, 1984

Mary Louise Crowe Johnson Family
Albert L. Johnson
Son Al L. Johnson married Linda Jarschauer b Dec 9, 1939.
Al’s son Seth M Johnson married Dec 31, 1994 DIV 1998 K. Scheleen Johnson.
Seth later married Kate Snyder. Had 1 kid.
Woodrow Nelson Snyder Johnson
Al’s dau Suzannah R. Johnson married May 30, 1998 JD Creedon.
Son Francis Frandy A. Johnson married June 13, 1964 Mary Molly Raney.DIV.
Later married June 17, 1978 Lucy Gisela Hartry b April 4, 1952.

Stella Maretta Crowe Young Family:
PH Young died Aug 30, 2012
PH’S Dau Patricia Young dau Jennifer Young Pohlmeier son Philip DAMIEN not Damiam.
Jennifer married 1991 DIV 1994 Cory Goodwater. Their dau is Molly Goodwater not ‘un-named’.
Her current husband’s dau Ciria Moravec b Dec 8, 1992 not Nov 28, 1991.

Son Paul’s spouse Patricia Deutch b Dec 20, 1952.
Dau Keri Morgan son Tanner Gil Morgan b jan 19, 2009
Dau Kandi Michelle Young married Feb 9, 2001 Div. Douglas Lee Stengel
Dau Tami R. Frank has 2 kids.
Dominick Wade Frank b Nov 12, 2008
Olivia Diane Frank b April 16, 2012
Son Roger L. Young second wife is Carol – don’t know maiden name.
Dau Phyllis her son Marty has one son. Braden Des Daniels b July 9, 2009
Her son JD Daniels has 2 kids.
Delaney Ruth Daniels b June 5, 2010
Macie Jo Daniels b May 2012
Phyllis DIV Desmond Daniels
Later married Feb 14, 1994 and DIV. Rickie Lee Galloway b Jun2, 1948.

Georgia Young Lord died Mar 24, 2009
Dau Georgia KAYE Lord son Aaron E. Antoine DIV Tina- don’t know second spouse.
Kaye Lord’s hubby Albert Sperb b Mar 7, 1951.
Son Bobby son Phy D Lord married Aug 31, 2005 Shali Nichols. 1 kid.
Slade D Lord b Juy 1, 2011

Nadine Young Kingman Family
Son Dan dau Deanna Kingman married July 14, 2001 Scott Paden b Mar 11. 1967

Stella Young Rochford dau Stella son Michael Sinclair dau Madison Marie b Nov 5, 1997 not 1998 as her sister Breanna was b Apr 7, 1999!

LURA not Lara EDNA Young Reece Family
Dau Edna Hazen dau Joni Huddleston DIV Clyde Huddleston.
Son Bud Reece son Kevin married Jennifer M. Wietzke Garvin. Jennifer had Jordan Thomas Garvin b July 28, 1989. And Kevin legally adopted Jordan when they married. So Jordan’s surname is Reece.

Virginia KATHRYN not Kathryline Young Moon family:
Dau Nora N. Arnold son Robert v. Arnold MARRIED March 2, 2010 Lynn Thibadeaux – not her birthdate!

Clara Marian Crowe Green Green Family:
Dau Alverna Green Brodecky son you have Paul Gaines Moore Jr.. HE changed his name to Michael Brodecky after his mom married Lee Brodecky. So did his brother Arthur Patrick Brodecky. Lee adopted them both. Arthur Patrick Brodecky died July 2013.
Son Arthur Clair Green
Clair’s son David son Robert dau Jacqueline Lee Barclay Green b Oct 10, 1991
Son Ian son Michael Oosterman-Green b 1993
Son Richard son Jason Green b Jan 23, 1986
Dau Cherie Green b July 7,1988
Son Richard Green b Dec 10, 1952 married first wife April 12, 1975 Joellen Selander.
Richard’s dau Amanda E. Green Wolfgram. Her husband Tony was b May 24, 1977
1219. email from William (Bill) Moore, 2/16/2016 concerning Arthur Patrick Brodecky family.
Hi.  My answers in CAPS:

On Feb 15, 2016, at 9:50 PM, Stephen Johnson <> wrote:
Hi Bill

I guess it’s been almost 2 years, hope you are OK.

Loa Titman just sent me a copy of Pat’s obituary and that gave rise to a bunch of questions. 

It lists Jerri Greene as Pat’s wife but I show Georgia Hopkins. Was there a divorce and remarry or did Georgia die?


It lists Tim and Erica Hillebrand (Bernard Wetzel) as relatives. Who are they?

If you have some time and are so inclined would you fill me in your nieces and nephews and their families.




Or, could you give emails for them?

Who is continuing on with Clair’s book? Is it Marian Hofstein? Can you put me in touch with them?


Did you read about the Crowe reunion next summer in Nova Scotia? Nancy and I plan to go.


Loa and I are working to get the family data up to date. There are over 3000 people to keep track of so we miss a few (maybe a lot)!


Hope to hear from you and thanks.

Cousin Steve

58062 SR 20
Rockport, WA 98283

Free and Evans and Baron Carbery
Sir Raufe FREKE, Baronet, son of Percy and Elizabeth (FREKE) FREKE (See #1-2 above). He died 1718.
    Raufe married Elizabeth MEADE, daughter of Sir John MEADE, 1st Baronet of Ballintober.
    He held Castle Freke, Cork, Ireland and West Bilney, Norfolk, England. Heir of his father, Peircy FREKE, Esquire.
    In 1703, the Sir Raufe purchased the port town of Baltimore for £1,809. They thus became one of the most powerful families and largest landowners in the county.
    On 4 Jun 1713, Raufe was created Baronet, 12th by Queen Anne of England.

Children of Sir Raufe and Elizabeth (MEADE) FREKE, Baronet:

1-2-1-1. Sir Peircy FREKE, Baronet, died unmarried 10 Apr 1728, Dublin, Ireland.
    Sir Peircy was a member of parliament for Baltimore, Ireland.

1-2-1-2. Raufe FREKE, died unmarried in 1727, Richmond, Surry, England.

1-2-1-3. Sir John Redmond FREKE, Baronet, died 13 Apr 1764.
    Sir John married Mary BRODERICK, daughter of Alan BRODERICK, Esquire of the Lord Viscount Middleton's family. She died 20 Jun 1761, Castle Freke, Cork, Ireland.
    Sir John married 2nd Elizabeth GORE, daughter of Sir Arthur GORE, first Earl of Arran.

1-2-1-4. Grace FREKE, Heir of her brother, Sir John. (See #1-2-1-4 following)

The Honourable Grace Freke Evans
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

The Honourable Grace FREKE EVANS, Daugher of Sir Raufe and Elizabeth (MEADE) FREKE, Baronet (See #1-2-1 above).
    Grace married Honourable John EVANS Jun 1741, 2nd son of the 1st Baron Carbery.

Son of The Honourable John and Grace (FREKE) EVANS:

1-2-1-4-1. George EVANS, born 1742.
    George married Anne STAMER 1768.

1-2-1-4-2. John EVANS-FREKE.
    John married Lady Elizabeth GORE.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2 following)

1-2-1-4-3. William EVANS, died 1796.
    William married Elizabeth BEACHER.

1-2-1-4-4. Ralph EVANS,
    Ralph married Elizabeth WOODCOCK.
    They had one son and one daughter.

1-2-1-4-5. Percy EVANS, born
    Never married.

1-2-1-4-6. Grace EVANS, born
    Grace married Richard BALDWIN, Esq. Jun 1764.

1-2-1-4-7. Anne EVANS, born
    Anne married William PUTLAND.

1-2-1-4-8. Catherine EVANS, born
    Catherine married George PUTLAND.

1-2-1-4-9. Jane EVANS, born
    Jane married Richard GRACE.

Sir John Evans-Freke, Baronet
Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

Sir John EVANS-FREKE, Baronet, son of The Honourable John and Grace (FREKE) EVANS (See #1-2-1-4 above).
    Sir John married Lady Elizabeth GORE.
    In July 1768, John was created Baronet.

Children of John and Elizabeth (GORE) EVANS-FREKE:

1-2-1-4-2-1. John EVANS-FREKE, Baronet, 6th Baron Carbery, born 1765.
    John married Lady Catherine-Charolette GORE.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2-1 following)

1-2-1-4-2-2. George EVANS-FREKE, born 1772. George died 1829.
    George married Susan CARBERY 1828.

1-2-1-4-2-3. Percy EVANS-FREKE, Esquire, born 1774.
    Sir Percy married Dorthea HARVEY.
    (See #1-2-1-4-2-3 following)

1-2-1-4-2-4. Jane Grace EVANS-FREKE, born 1775. Jane died 1827.
    Jane married Sir Fenton AYLMER, 7th Baronet of Donodea Castle in 1795.

1-2-1-4-2-5. Elizabeth EVANS-FREKE, born 1782.

John Evans-Freke
6th Lord Carbery

Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland

John EVANS-FREKE, 6th Lord Carbery, born 11 Nov 1765, son of John and Catherine Charlotte EVANS-FREKE (See Sir John EVANS-FREKE, Baronet above). He died 12 May 1845.
    Sir John married Lady Catherine Charolette GORE 25 Jan 1783. She was born Sep 1766, 3rd daughter of Arthur-Sanders, 2nd Earl of Aran. She became Dowager Lady CARBERY.
    On 4 Mar 1807, he became the Baron Carbery, 6th Lord Carbery, at the death of his cousin John, 5th Lord Carbery.
    Sir John owned approximately 13,700 acres of land.
    Circa 1820, Sir John hired architect Richard Morrison to make modifications to Castle Freke, altering the castle from the original 1790 structure.
1221. Frekes of Castle Freke who married into the Bernard family of Bandon,,3/4/2016
1222. email from Stephen G. Crowe,

Mr. Johnson,
I am writing to indicate the possibility of attending the re-union this summer. By way of introduction, my part of the family is little known and not fully or correctly noted in your family tree links. My dad, George Avery Crowe, son of Glendon Frederick Crowe, was given away to an Aunt when he was four years old. Accordingly, he was estranged from his family his entire life. So too were his children (me and my three siblings). We know very little about the Crowe line-something I've tried to piece together in the last few years after my dad's passing. In 2014 I travelled to Nova Scotia to seek out some relatives and had a wonderful visit with my dads siblings for the first time!
You've done tremendous and valuable work on the Crowe family tree. Thankyou!
May I offer a few corrections/additions?
1. George Avery Crowe, born 1926, died 2012.
2. He married Barbara Irene Kenney (not Kenny), born 1929
3. Four children Stephen George 1950, Sharon Lynn 1954, Michael Scott 1956, and Heather Anne 1961
Thank you and hoping to arrange schedule to learn more this summer.
Stephen G. Crowe
120 Longview Terrace
Williamstown, MA 01267
1223. email from Jeannine McKinnon 3/2/2016

Hi Steve.

There are in fact 5 adopted children. I do not have birth dates although you haven't their names in an earlier email from me.  I should ask you though to not post names as I haven't my sisters permission. (names from Loa Titman)

Jeannine Mckinnon
Jeannine's Pilot Car & Hotshot

On Mar 2, 2016, at 1:09 PM, Steve Johnson <> wrote:

Hi Jeannine

Thanks for the corrections. I fixed my files and will soon make corrections on the web page.

Are the other two children adopted? Can you send their names and birthdays etc?

Have you heard about the Nova Scotia reunion July 7-10 2016?

Cheers, Steve

On Mar 2, 2016, at 8:45 AM, Jeannine <> wrote:

Hello again,

Regarding my sister:
Daniel Joshua and Faith are Jolene and Luciano's biological children

Jeannine Mckinnon
Jeannine's Pilot Car & Hotshot
1224. website

EVANS, Hon. George (d.1759), of Caharas, co. Limerick, and Laxton, Northants.
Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1715-1754, ed. R. Sedgwick, 1970
Available from
Boydell and Brewer
end title-wrapper

Biography Detail
Family & Education
Offices Held
End Notes
Related Resources
1715-1754 Members
1715-1754 Constituencies
1715-1754 Parliaments
1715-1754 Surveys


1734 - 1747
Family and Education
2nd but 1st surv. s. of George Evans, 1st Baron Carbery [I]. m. 23 May 1732, Frances, da. of Richard Fitzwilliam, 5th Visct. Fitzwilliam of Merrion [I], 3s. 1da. suc. fa. as 2nd Baron Carbery [I] 28 Aug. 1749.
Offices Held

George Evans was narrowly returned for his father’s former seat at Westbury in 1734 and by a big majority in 1741, in both cases defeating members of the Bertie family standing on Lord Abingdon’s interest. He voted against the Spanish convention in 1739 but subsequently figures in a ministerial list of government supporters absent on 21 Nov. 1739. In the next Parliament he voted consistently with the Administration, and was classed as an Old Whig in 1746. Although on his marriage he had received his father’s Laxton estate, worth £1,100 p.a., and an annuity of over £1,400 from the family estates in Ireland, he was in financial difficulties by September 1743, when among other debts he was £900 in arrears on an annuity of £200 payable to the 1st Earl of Egmont from March 1734.1 He did not stand again but, after his father’s death, took his seat in the Irish House of Lords, 22 Nov. 1749. He died 2 Feb. 1759.
Ref Volumes: 1715-1754
Author: R. S. Lea


Cholmondeley (Houghton) mss 66; HMC Egmont Diary, ii. 59; iii. 273-4.
1225. website

1 June 1715 - 1722

16 Mar. 1724 - 1727
Family and Education
b. c.1680, 1st s. of George Evans, P.C. [I], M.P. [I], of Bulgaden Hall, co. Limerick by Mary, da. of John Eyre of Eyre Court, co. Galway. m. 4 May 1703, Anne, da. of William Stafford of Blatherwycke, Northants., yr. sis. and coh. of William Stafford of Blatherwycke. cr. Baron Carbery [I] 9 May 1715; suc. fa. 1720.
Offices Held

M.P. [I] 1713-14

Gov. Limerick castle, 1714-27, 1740-d.; P.C. [I] 1715.
According to the 1st Lord Egmont, Carbery’s grandfather was a sergeant in Cromwell’s army, who set up as a cobbler in co. Cork:
but being a cunning, industrious and saving man, by buying army debentures and other opportunities that offered, laid the foundation of a large estate, which his son and grandson, the present lord, by parsimony have improved to near £6,000 a year.
Carbery himself acquired the Laxton estate in England by marriage and had connexions with Wiltshire through his mother’s family. In 1715 he and
Charles Allanson were sent down to Westbury by Lord Cowper and other leading Whigs to challenge Lord Abingdon’s Tory interest there. Though unsuccessful at the election, on petition he and Allanson were declared elected by the Whig House of Commons. In Parliament he voted for the septennial bill in 1716 and the peerage bill in December 1719, but was absent on the repeal of the Occasional Conformity and Schism Acts, January 1719. In 1722 he was again defeated but this time, though ‘the merits of that election [were] undoubtedly against’ his opponent, his petition failed on a technical point.2 However, one of the sitting Members having elected to sit for Middlesex, Carbery came in at the ensuing by-election, despite a further petition. He did not stand again, dying 28 Aug. 1749.
Ref Volumes: 1715-1754
Author: R. S. Lea


HMC Egmont Diary, ii. 388.
Cholmondeley (Houghton) mss 68, n.d.
1226. website

EVANS, George, 4th Baron Carbery [I] (1766-1804), of Laxton Hall, Northants.
Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1790-1820, ed. R. Thorne, 1986
Available from
Boydell and Brewer
end title-wrapper

Biography Detail
Family & Education
Offices Held
End Notes
Related Resources
1790-1820 Members
1790-1820 Constituencies
1790-1820 Parliaments
1790-1820 Surveys


1802 - 31 Dec. 1804
Family and Education
b. 18 Feb. 1766, 2nd but o. surv. s. of George, 3rd Baron Carbery [I], by 2nd w. Elizabeth, da. of Christopher Horton of Catton, Derbys. educ. Eton 1778-81; Trinity Coll. Cambridge 1784. m. 13 Aug. 1792, Susan, da. and h. of Col. Henry Watson, chief engineer, Bengal, s.p. suc. fa. as 4th Baron Carbery [I] 26 May 1783.
Offices Held

Capt. Croom cav. 1796; lt.-col. Northants. vol. cav. 1797.
Carbery was heir to encumbered Irish estates reputedly worth £15,000 p.a. at his death, but like his father lived chiefly on his English estate. He joined the Whig Club, 2 Dec. 1788, and Brooks’s, 28 Apr. 1789. Later that year his courtship of a rupee heiress was reported: ‘Lord Carbery it is said will certainly get Miss Watson, who is very pretty, and a vast fortune’. He did, and with her £6,000 p.a., at the risk of forfeiting his English estate, as well as her fortune, on default of issue. On 24 Apr. 1798 he took his seat in the Irish House of Lords. In 1802 he was returned for Rutland at the instigation of the junto of the 1st Marquess of Exeter and the Noel family which held sway there: his father’s first wife had been a Noel. That year, ominously, he burst a blood vessel while out hunting.
Carbery voted with the minority for inquiry into the Prince of Wales’s finances, 4 Mar. 1803. Later that year he broke his arm, ‘which brought on a lingering complaint’. He nevertheless joined the minorities on defence which brought down Addington’s ministry, 23 and 25 Apr. 1804. He is not known to have spoken in debate. In September he was listed a supporter of Pitt’s second ministry, but with a query which was not resolved, for he died after again bursting a blood vessel, at Reddish’s hotel, 31 Dec. 1804. His childless widow’s remarriage to a cousin of his saved the Carbery inheritance.
Gent. Mag. (1804), ii. 1252; A. P. W. Malcomson, The Pursuit of the Heiress, 19-20; M. Elwin, Noels and Milbankes, 349.
Ref Volumes: 1790-1820
Author: R. G. Thorne
1227. email from Sharon Arcand 3/15/2016

Hi Steve,
Hope this finds you and Nancy well.
Loa tells me that you will be driving to the reunion.
It will be here before we know it.
It’s been a long time since we have seen you both. Will  be good to catch up.
I have checked over my family history.
Here are some corrections and up to date info.
Looking under Arthur B. ….Robert Jay Crowe……
My mother….Christena was born on 6 Nov. not 5.
Melissa and Tom have a daughter now…..Gabrielle Cecile Arcand Eason born 10 Apr. 2015
My son’s name is Philip Robert….not Robert Philip.
He has been with Maxine since 2006….not abt. 2014.
They have a daughter…..Camille Evelyn Arcand born 6 Jan. 2015
Notice that religion seems to be under occ.
Thanks for keeping us together.
See you in July.
1228. William Blascott Crowe, gravesite, Oak Grove Cemetery, Kentville, Kings, NS
Died May 24 1851, age 74 years
File: CroweWilliamBlascottGrave
1229. Crowe, Eyre Evans Grave, Lamartine Cemetery, Fond du Lac County, WI
Died Feb 18, 1873 age 99 years 4 months and 10 days
Plot: Row 9E
1230. Arkansas County Marriages Index, 1837-1957, ancestry,com

Rodney K Johnson, Male, 36, Kansas City, MO married Laverne B Otteus, female, 31 of Kansa City MO, on 7 September, 1946 at Fayetteville, Benton County, AR.
1231. Will of Arthur Patrick Moore (Brodecky) from Loa Titman,, 2/14/2016

Arthur Patrick Brodecky 73, died June 30, 2013 surrounded by his family. A Tucson resident for 36 years, Patrick also lived in Texas, California, Germany, France, and Thailand. Patrick founded Babco International in 1970. The company provides supplies to U.S. military bases world wide for the NCO Clubs, Officers Clubs and guest facilities. Babco International originated in Thailand and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. The Tucson office was designated "pet friendly" and until his death, Patrick and his beloved "Oscar" still trotted off to work together. Patrick's business combined his love of travel and adventure. In the course of business Patrick had a front row seat to many historical events. Along with war correspondence he dodged bullets in Vietnam and watched the oil fields burn in Kuwait. He met with Sheiks in Saudi Arabia and farmers in Thailand. Patrick was an avid golfer and a member of La Paloma and Pinetop Country Club. He could be found every Wednesday on a golf course with his "Homies" Kani Ives, Bill Gatts, Lee Lagen and Dave Darling. Patrick's greatest joy was his family. His children and grandchildren recall Papa Pat's special way with children and how all children were drawn to him. He is survived by his beloved wife, Jerri Greene Brodecky; Children, Allyson Cohen, Meegan Fixler (Richard), Tim Hillebrand, Erika Hillebrand (Bernard Wetzel); Brothers, Michael Brodecky (Lou), William Brodecky Moore; 13 grandchildren, six great-grandchildren. The family would like to thank the kind and professional medical staff at the University of Arizona Medical Center. A Memorial Service will be held at St. John on the Desert Presbyterian Church, Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome (SANDS). P.O. Box 40100 Tucson Az, 85717. Arrangements by HUDGEL'S SWAN FUNERAL HOME. -atrick
1232. Email from Kathy Dunn,, 2/9/2016

My Name is Kathy Dunn and I wanted to update on my family details.  My line is as follows: Joel Wison Crowe then  Arthur B Crowe, then Dollie Louise , then Laura Kathryn.  I am Kathryn May – daughter of Laura Kathryn.  Here are the details I wanted to share:
My marriage was on January 7, 1989 to Steven Dunn
I am Christian
have been a counsellor, a crisis worker, a computer programmer, a bookkeeper and a custom framer
My husband Steve
Served in the Canadian forces as a combat engineer for 14 years.  He is retired and working in the security field.
Born Aug 29, 196
He is Christian
Our son Matthew Malcolm Arnold :
born Apr 11/90
Married to Jenessa Raquel Herridge on Oct 31, 2011
He is a Red Seal Cook
He is wiccan
He has 2 children:
Thadius Patrick Arnold Dunn born June 27, 2012
Alice Marie Anita Dunn born Feb 14, 2014
Jenessa was born Mar 13, 1991 and she is an animator.
Our daughter Shannon Kate Elizabeth:
Born April 28, 1992
She is a professional horse trainer
She is wiccan
1233. Obituary for Helen Marie Schanz, from
A Memorial service will be held for Helen Marie Schanz, 82, of Juneau, AK at 1:00 pm, Saturday, October 10th at St. Paul's Catholic Church, 9055 Atlin Dr., Juneau, AK. Burial will be held on November 7, 2015 at 1:00 pm at the Ryegate Resurrectin Cemetary in Montana.

Helen was born February 11, 1933 in Barber, MT, the daughter of Lester Theodore and Elizabeth Cavill. She passed away September 29, 2015 in Juneau, AK. Helen was the eldest of five children and was educated at the Cavill Country School and Ryegate High School. She married Johnny Schanz on June 4, 1951 and they farmed for 30 years while raising their seven children. They sold their farm and moved to Juneau, AK the fall of 1983 to live closer to their daughters and pursue a new adventure.

Helen was a homemaker and farmers wife, then later in Juneau she worked for the State of AK, Dept. of Transportation and was known for years as the "Tupperware Lady". She was a great cook, avid sports spectator for her children and grandchildren, liked crafting and berry picking, loved fishing in Alaska and was always ready to lend a helping hand.

She is survived by her children Kenneth Schanz, Kathleen (Martin) Messing, Keela (Mike) Kelly, daughter-in-law Cassie (William) Erickson, brother Fred (Gaye) Cavill, sister Lois Cavill, sister-in-laws Bonnie Cavill and Darla (Ray) Jeffers, grandchildren Tennia (Howard) Lode, Tayla Schanz, Rosalie (Ty) Linger, Andrew (Colleen) Schanz, Libby Erickson, Krista Messing, Kelsey (James) Ward, Ryan, Kymberlee and Erik Kelly, great grandchildren Hunter and Tamika Lode, Decel, Uriah and Shiloh Linger, Kary and Finnick Schanz along with numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

She was predeceased by her husband Johnny, daughter Karen, sons Kary, Kelly and Keith, her father and mother, brothers John and Art Cavill, grandson Vaughn Schanz and granddaughter Emily Erickson.

Memorial donations may be made in her name to Catholic Community Services, Hospice of Juneau, St. Paul's Catholic Church or Helping Hands of Juneau.


Helen Marie Schanz
 in the U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930 - 2015

Name of Deceased:
Helen Marie Schanz
Age at Death:
Birth Date:
11 Feb 1933
Marriage Date:
4 Jun 1951
Residence (at time of death):
Death Date:
20 Oct 2015
Newspaper Title:
Spouse's Name:
Johnny Schanz
Parents' Names:
Lester Theodore,Elizabeth Cavill
Childrens' Names:
Kenneth Schanz, Kathleen (Martin) Messing, Keela (Mike) Kelly, daughter-in-law Cassie (William) Erickson
Siblings' Names:
Fred (Gaye) Cavill; John and Art Cavill; Lois Cavill
1234. Kelly Frank Schanz
 in the U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current
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Report issue
Kelly Frank Schanz
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Death Date:
Death Place:
Catholic Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place:
Golden Valley County, Montana, USA
Has Bio?:
1235. Keith Schanz died of a gunshot wound on Monday before 12 Mar 1975.
File: SchanzKeithTheoBillingsGazette
1236. email from Dianna Engeseth,, 3/16/2016

James Murray Crowe  born February 23, 1878   Souix City, Woodbury Iowa  Died February 18, 1951 Hood River, Hood River, Oregon  Married  Etta May Barstow
born January 21, 1889 in Washington Territory died March 1, 1963 Hood River, Hood River, Oregon  Children  Wallace Bruce Crowe  November 12, 1907 Leavenworth, 
Washington died March 20, 1961 Hood River, Hood River, Oregon  married August 17, 1926 Yakima, Washington  Myrtle Marie Wierman November 17, 1908 Missouri died March 27, 2002  The Dalles, Wasco, Oregon
Daughter  Lorraine  Bonita Crowe July 24, 1927 Wenatchee, Washington  married November 24, 1946 Hood River, Oregon Forrest Arthur Herr September 24, 1924, Mosier, Wasco, Oregon died May 31, 1983.  Everett, Snohomish County, Washington
Son  Dennis Allen Crowe  August 7, 1942 Hood River, Hood River, Oregon  February 18, 2007  Creswell, Lane, Oregon married  June 23, 1961 Hood River, Oregon  Patricia Beach June 16, 1942 living.  married February 2, 1973 Roberta Anne Rayl August 21, 1944  Bend, Oregon  March 19, 2004  Cottage Grove,Oregon.

children of Lorraine Bonita Crowe   James Milton Herr December 22, 1948 Hood River, Oregon living  married  Sherry Cundiff  daughter  Dianna Lynn Herr living February 5, 1949 Hood River, Oregon married June 8, 1968 Charles Martin Engeseth living June 12, 1949 daughter Susan Kay Herr March 27, 1950 Seattle, Washington died January 10, 2016 San Diego, California   married  March 5, 1969  Johnny Scott Chase   December 19, 1949 living  son  Ronald  Dean  Herr September 9, 1951 Hood River, Oregon living  married January 9 1971 Cheryl  Stonelake

children of Dennis Allen Crowe  and Patricia Beach  son Michael Dean Crowe  November 2, 1962 Oregon married  Anna Marie Rickard  son  Murray Allen Crowe  born 
February 23, 1966 Del Norte, California  died September 8, 2013 Prineville, Crook, Oregon married  in Germany to  Carmen ?, Germany  Murray was killed when his ultra light plane he built crashed,  

son of James Crowe and Etta May Barstow     Howard Williamson Crowe  March 7, 1913 Washington  died November 18, 1990, Oregon married  Glayds  ?  son Howard Williamson Crowe jr.  born abt. 1932

son of James and Etta May  Bruce  Wallace Crowe  November 12, 1916  Yakima  married  Opal Rogene Kiemel  October 9, 1920  died August 25, 1973  Hood River, Oregon  no children

Tihis is James Murray Crowes family will work on Patrick Murray Crowes one child at a time have fun documenting this!!!!  Dianna
1237. Welcome

My name is
Christa Tuchscherer and I started this site.
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1238. Arthur Johann Herr
BIRTH SEPTEMBER 26, 1882 • Wisconsin
DEATH MARCH 31, 1937 • Hood River, Oregon, United States
Navigation Research Tabs
Name and gender
September 26, 1882 • Wisconsin
7 Sources 

December 15, 1866 • Dodge, Wisconsin, USA
1 Source 

Birth of Sister
Bertha Agusta Herr(1886–1974)
April 25, 1886 • Beaver Dam City, Dodge, Wisconsin


Birth of Sibling
Erwin Wilhelm Herr(1891–1947)
October 22, 1891 • Beaver Dam City, Dodge, Wisconsin


1900 • Beaverdam, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA
Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Son
1 Source 

December 22, 1903 • Dodge, Wisconsin, USA
2 Sources 

1 Jun 1905 • Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Lodger
1 Source 

28 Nov 1906 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
2 Sources 

1917-1918 • Tacoma, Pierce, Washington
1 Source 

1920 • Mosier, Wasco, Oregon, USA
Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head
1 Source 

Birth of Son
Forest A Herr(1924–1983)
September 24, 1924 • Mosier, Wasco County, Oregon, USA


1930 • Odell, Hood River, Oregon, USA
Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head
1 Source 

Death of Father
Johann "John" Herr(1848–1932)
August 20, 1932 • Beaver Dam City, Dodge, Wisconsin


March 31, 1937 • Hood River, Oregon, United States
3 Sources 

Hood River, Hood River County, Oregon, USA
2 Sources 

Ancestry Sources

1900 United States Federal Census


1920 United States Federal Census


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Wisconsin, Marriages, 1820-1907


Wisconsin, Marriages, 1820-1907


Wisconsin, Marriages, 1820-1907


Wisconsin, Marriages, 1820-1907


Wisconsin, Marriages, 1820-1907


Wisconsin, State Censuses, 1895 and 1905

Johann "John" Herr

Augusta L Theimann

Francis Geschel

Spouse & Children
Jewel M Herr

Forest A Herr 1924–1983


v1/0/1033/LoggedOut/ Server: PRDSLVWSSSFTB02 TS: 03/17/2016 17:42:53
1239. email from Loa Titman,, 2/10/2016

Hi Steve- Sure lots going on in the family tree business!
I was comparing my info in Crowe Chronicles with what you have on the web. Kay and Stella supplied most of the info I have. Sure going to miss them.
Mary Louise Rogers  family: Cassandra Lee Clifton married Greg Tapp Jan 17, 1992
Also I have a Lauren Elizabeth Tapp born Sep 6, 1989 but you also have a second spouse of Cassandra name of  ‘Goodgame’
Would Lauren have been from that relationship?
And a marriage date of Mar 28, 1969 of Mary Louis Rogers to Bobby Lewis Clifton.
Frederick George Crowe died June 28, 2008 Wood Lake, Nebraska buried Mount Hope Cemetery Valentine, NE
His wife Virginia died May 17, 2008 also buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, Valentine, NE
Stella Crowe Otte family:
Daniel Jess Otte born July 11 not Sept 11, 1962
Daniel’s son Kirk Otte was common law with Shannon had a son Karter Gene Otte born August 31, 2004.
Kirk later married Elie Risse. Had a child July 2010
Daniel’s daughter Kelly Larae (Otte) Fish has a son Thor Ryan Fish b Feb8 , 2009.
Kay Bennett died Jan1, 2016
Ginny Terry’s son:  Shane & Amanda Terry have four children in this birth order – Anya, Cameron, ANDON born Oct, 2003 and Michael.
John Bennett’s daughter Mandi has a son (no hubby) Christopher John Bennett Butrick born June 11, 2008.
Cecil Crowe family:
Joel Brent Crowe married March 9,1979 to Jessie RENEE Blake.
Richard (Dick)  & Shannon Crowe-
Their daughter Kelly Ann Crowe married Scott GulbranDson- ‘d’ not a ‘t’.
Small details but important none the less.
I would have to print up a new Crowe Chronicles, but is very outdated with family tree info as you can see.
Would Dianna like it as a pdf?
Love Loa
1240. Letter from Augusta T. Grant to Clara M. Green, about 1955. Received from Peggy Finney, Aug23, 1995
1241. Marriage License, Helen M. Cavill, 18y 3m 20d and Johnny B. Schanz 20y 8m 19d, Ryegate, Golden Valley, Montana

India, Marriages, 1792-1948
(632,397 records)
Index to selected India marriages. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality. Due to privacy laws, recent records may not be displayed. The...More
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Eileen Sybil Martin & Henry Eyre Crowe
Nov 8 1929

 Bombay, Bombay, India
Eileen Sybil Martin
Marital status:
Edward Martin
Henry Eyre Crowe
Marital status:
Eyre Crowe
Spouse's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number:
System Origin:
GS Film number:
1243. Marriage
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California, County Marriages, 1850-1952
(9,089,108 records)
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Norman Arthur Crone & Jewel Fletcher Jackson
June 23 1948

 Orange, California, United States
Norman Arthur Crone
Circa 1906
Thomas Eyre Crowe
Annie Muddiman
Jewel Fletcher Jackson
Circa 1909
Charles O Fletcher
Berenice N Cornell
Spouse's Gender:
GS Film number:
Digital Folder Number:
Image Number:
1244. Prince Edward Island, Public Archives and Records OfficeJohn Wadman Birth and Baptism .
John Wadman

John Wadman
Birth Date:
24 Oct 1803
Baptism Date:
30 Jan 1804
Baptism Place:
Prince Edward Island, Canada
William Wadman
Harriot Grosvenor

Vital Record - BaptismBaptismal Place
Benjamin Wadman
5 December 1806
19 July 1807
William Wadman
Harriet Grovenor

Charles Wadman
4 February 1818
5 November 1821
Wm Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

George Wadman
4 April 1817
6 June 1817
Wm Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

James Wadman
18 December 1808
22 September 1811
William Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

Jane Wadman
14 February 1815
16 September 1815
Wm Wadman
Harriot Grosvenor

John Wadman
24 October 1803
30 January 1804
William Wadman
Harriot Grosvenor

Sarah Wadman
13 October 1812
26 November 1812
William Wadman
Henrietta Grosvenor

William Wadman
19 March 1805
9 July 1805
William Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

Vital Record - Baptism
Child's Name
Birth Date
Baptismal Date
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Birth Place
Baptismal Place
Ada Anne Wadman
8 March 1854
10 May 1854
Isaac Wadman

Ann Harriet Wadman
19 February 1857
24 May 1857
William Wadman
Margaret Dinn

St. Columba
Benedict Wadman
23 June
22 July 1855
William Wadman
Margaret Dixon

St. Columba
Benjamin Wadman
5 December 1806
19 July 1807
William Wadman
Harriet Grovenor

Benjamin Hamilton Wadman
26 March 1857
6 November 1860
Edward Wadman
Harriet Howatt
Cape Traverse

Charles Wadman
4 February 1818
5 November 1821
Wm Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

Edward Wadman
2 June 1825
6 November 1860
William Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor
Cape Traverse

Elizabeth Wadman
27 May 1865
24 July 1865
William Wadman
Margaret Dinn

Elizabeth Alice Wadman
22 September 1854
October 1857
Henry Wadman

Ellen Elizabeth Wadman
8 August 1852
27 May 1853
Isaac Wadman

George Wadman
4 April 1817
6 June 1817
Wm Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

George Henry Wadman
24 March 1867
2 June 1867
Henry Wadman

Harriet Ann Wadman
8 March 1852
6 November 1860
Edward Wadman
Harriet Howatt
Cape Traverse

Henrietta Maria Wadman
19 December 1848
27 May 1849
Henry Wadman
Cape Traverse

Henry Wadman

25 November 1860


Child's Name
Birth Date
Baptismal Date
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Birth Place
Baptismal Place
Henry Wadman
30 September
5 November 1821
Wm Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

James Smith
14 May 1845
5 October 1845
William Smith
Elizabeth Wadman

St. Columba
James Wadman
18 December 1808
22 September 1811
William Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

Jane Wadman
14 February 1815
16 September 1815
Wm Wadman
Harriot Grosvenor

Jane Wadman
9 October 1833
23 February 1851
John Wadman

John Wadman
24 October 1803
30 January 1804
William Wadman
Harriot Grosvenor

John O'Riley Wadman
24 June 1857
October 1857
Henry Wadman

Joseph Wadman
26 January 1860
6 November 1860
Edward Wadman
Harriet Howatt
Cape Traverse

Joseph H Wadman
26 December 1869
10 August 1897

Lewis Wadman
18 January 1856
10 February 1856
James Wadman

Margaret Wadman

6 February 1870


Margaret Wadman
7 April 1868
19 May 1868
William Wadman
Margaret Dinn

Margaret Matilda Wadman
28 February 1863
15 August 1864
Henry Wadman

Mary Wadman
9 June 1861
13 October 1861
William Wadman
Margaret Dennis

St. Columba
Mary Wadman
9 June 1861
13 October 1861
William Wadman
Margaret Dennis

St. Columba

Child's Name
Birth Date
Baptismal Date
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Birth Place
Baptismal Place
Mary Ann Wadman
18 April 1842
30 September 1844
James Wadman
Cove, Tryon

Mary L MacLean
9 July 1884

Michael William Wadman
29 August 1859
18 December 1859
William Wadman
Margaret Dinn

St. Columba
Michel Smith
6 February 1843
6 August 1843
William Smith
Elizabeth Wadman
St. Columba

Mrs Wood
April 1861
13 February 1863

J., Mrs Wadman

Oliver Benjamin Wadman
24 January 1851
7 August 1851
Henry Wadman

Peter Wadman
30 April 1841
13 June 1859
James Wadman
Augustine Cove

Sarah Wadman
13 October 1812
26 November 1812
William Wadman
Henrietta Grosvenor

Susanah Wadman

6 February 1870


Susannah Eliza Wadman
18 June 1865
27 August 1865
Peter Wadman

Sylvester Rowland MacDonald
17 November 1858
7 July 1884


William Wadman
19 March 1805
9 July 1805
William Wadman
Harriet Grosvenor

Wood Mrs Wadman

13 February 1863

J. Mrs Wadman
1245. Possible marriage for Richard Robert Crow.
Ann Wilson
mentioned in the record of Robert Crow and Ann Wilson
Name Robert Crow
Spouse's Name Ann Wilson
Event Date 24 Jun 1770
Event Place Saint Stephen,Norwich,Norfolk,England
Anne Wilson
mentioned in the record of Robert Crow and Anne Wilson
Name Robert Crow
Birth Date 1749
Age 21
Spouse's Name Anne Wilson
Spouse's Birth Date 1749
Spouse's Age 21
Event Date 23 Jun 1770
Event Place St. Stephen, Norwich, Norfolk, England


"England Marriages, 1538–1973 ," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 March 2016), Robert Crow and Ann Wilson, 24 Jun 1770; citing Saint Stephen,Norwich,Norfolk,England, reference ; FHL microfilm 993,969, 993,970.
1246. Notes from Dianna Engeseth 3/20/2016, in person.
1247. Newspaper article
Murray A. Crowe death
1248. Nova Scotia Archives, Census Returns, Assessments and Poll Tax Records, 1767-1838
Capt. Robert Richard Crow (half pay)
Horton, Kings County — 1791
Commissioner of Public Records Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 vol. 444 no. 14

Robert Richard Crowe paid $10 Poll Tax in Horton, NS, 1791
1249. Immigration, 1884, Dora Heitmann
 in the Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934

Also see Source1402

Dora Heitmann
Departure Date:
12 Nov 1884
Birth Date:
abt 1857
weiblich (Female)
Frau (Wife)
Lohe, Holstein (Schleswig-Holstein)

Ship Name:
Shipping Clerk:
Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller`s Nachfolger
Shipping line:
Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft
Ship Type:
Ship Flag:
Port of Departure:
Port of Arrival:
New York

373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 053 C
Household Members:
Dora Heitmann
Josef Heitmann
Anna Heitmann
Dora Heitmann
11 Monate

Search for the arrival in the New York Passenger Lists
1250. Obituary, Kathryn “Kay” Ann Bennett Crowe, died 1 Jan 2016
1251. Application for Registration of Birth, Nova Scotia
Glendon Frederick Crowe, born 22 Aug 1897, Pereau, Kings, NS
1252. Marriage Register, Nova Scotia, Kings, Pereaux
Glendon Frederick Crowe and Verna Greene, 4 March 1921
1253. Registry of Deeds, Dublin:Abstracts of Wills
Richard Braughall
Elizabeth and others
1254. Marriage Certificate, Montana, Yellowstone, Billings
Grace Crowe and Allan T Holmes, 29 Sep 1902
1255. email from Jeannine McKinnon, 3 Mar 2016,
Family of Jolene Elizabeth Maragliano
1256. 1940 US Census, Texas, Cameron
John and Johanna Brodecky
1257. 1885 Census, Iowa State, Woodbury County, West Fork
William (George) Crowe, age 73, born Nova Scotia
1258. 1901 Canada Census, Nova Scotia, Kings, Canning
George and Hattie Crowe, Glendon + two more
1259. 1921 Census of Canada, NS, Canning, June 6
George Crowe, Hattie, Glendon, Albert,Ethyl
1260. 1940 Census US, PA, Philadelphia
Glendon Crowe, 44, machinist
1261. 1911 Census, Canada, NS, Medford
crowe, George W, Hattie, Glendon, Sissie, Olive, Ethyl, Cynthia, Albert,
1262. Immigration, Glendon Frederick Crowe, 3/4/1943
Resided Nov 1926 Mar 1 1943
Implies a visit to Canada in March 1943
1263. Draft, Canada, Nova Scotia, 7/6/1918
Crowe, Glendon Frederick
1264. 1930 Census USA, PA, Philadelphia
Crowe, Glendon, Merchant Electrical
1265. email, Jerry Huntley, 11/13/2004,
Frederick Crowe and tax money theft.
Hi Steve;
   I would like to thank you for the information that you sent me, I was able to fill in some more pieces of missing information.
   I have a couple of things to add. First, you were wondering about the name of my great-grandmother, Mary 'Belle' Crowe. For years we thought her name was Belle Mary Crowe, but the Kings County birth register has her as Mary Belle Crowe. She died a couple of days after my grandmother was born, so it would stand to reason that my grandmother may have been named after her mother. We used to think they had reversed her name but now believe that her mother's name was Mary Belle.
   A second piece of information you might fin useful regards Glendon Frederick Crowe. I see you have some information about him evading taxes. I asked my father about this and he remembers a story about what happened. Apparently, Glendon was hired by the government to collect the local taxes (don't know whether property taxes or what). He fled to the US with the money, leaving his father, George and father-in-law, Rufus Green, holding the bag because they had signed as his bondsmen.
   I am attaching what information on have on the descendants of George Albert CROWE if you would like to add it to your database. It includes some of the information you sent me.
   I would be interested in any information you have regarding the descendants of Richard Robert Crowe. Other than my direct branch, I don't know a lot about the rest of them, with the exception of what you have already sent me.
   All the best,
   Jerry Huntley
1266. email from Jerry Huntley, 12/29/2004,
Concerning Ezra Crowe as son of Captain Richard Robert Crowe
1267. Crowe, Glendon Frederick, picture, about 1918.
1268. 1950 Marriage Certificate, July 14
Fred W. Huntley, 31 and Margaret E. Younge, 28 at Billings, Yellowstone, MT
1269. Death notice, Smokejumpers, Turner Publishing Company, May 24 2002
Katy J. Schanz, Died October 29, 1987.
1270. “The Road to Coololla” by David Crowe
1271. Manifest of immigration, 1909 Houston.
Stefan Valcik,Rosalie, Trepan, Johanna, and Josef?.
1272. True, Rueben in DAR application of Frederick Benjamin Smart.
Rueben was a Lt. in the Revolution under Capt Robert Collins in the NH militia that joined the Continental Army, 1777 at Saratoga. Rueben Tru entered service Sept 27, 1777 and was discharged Nov 6 1777.
1273. email from David Crowe 23 March 2016

I thought you might find these interesting. 

Earliest Crowe Ancestors
I believe I found this family chart online several years back. I have no idea who put it together. It lists several children of Eyre Evans.

In my search of family images, I had modest success.
These images are of the houses mention in William Crowe's will of 1767. They give you an idea of the enormity of wealth he married into when he took Emilia Eyre Evans as his bride.

Stoneville (Three views) in Nantinen, County Limerick, Home of Son-in-law, Hugh Massey

Holly Park in Kilcornan, County Limerick, Home of son-in-law Richard Taylor

Woodcliff in Lisready, County LImerick, Home of his grandson Anselm Taylor

Drawing of Thomson Philip Crowe, my great great grandfather - RR's great grandson. Drawn by me from an oil painting we were shown by a relative in McMinville, TNN around 1970. RR's son Eyre Evans, Grandson Richard Robert, Great grandson Thompson P.

1274. Death of William Wadman

William Wadman
 in the Canada, Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current

William Wadman
Birth Date:
Death Date:
2 Sep 1893
Death Place:
Five Islands, Nova Scotia, Canada
Burial or Cremation Place:
Five Islands, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Has Bio?:
Mary N Wadman
Francis Neptune Wadman
Susanna Wadman

Truro COLCHESTER SUN, of Sept. 6, 1893

DIED – Suddenly at Five Islands, on Saturday evening, 2nd inst., Captain William Wadman, in the 83rd year of his age. 
1275. Death of Francis Neptune Wadman

Francis Neptune Wadman
 in the Canada, Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current
Francis Neptune Wadman
Birth Date:
Death Date:
3 May 1890
Burial or Cremation Place:
Five Islands, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Has Bio?:
Susanna Wadman
John Fraser Wadman
William Wadman
Silas Hilbert Wadman
Francis Wadman
1276. PHOTO: 
The Wadmans
Brief history of Wadman%ehl% family from book History of Crapaud Prince Edward Island from the Crapaud...
Harriet Grosvenor (1781-1862)
1277. UK, American Loyalist Claims, 1776-1835 for Robert R Crow
AO 12: American Loyalists Claims, Series I Piece 085: Documents Communicated by New Jersey State Government, 1787.

This is just a list of those making a claim.
1278. David Crowe Amy Hayman Rich H
 in the Kent, England, Extracted Parish Records
David Crowe of Walmer gent bach & Amy Hayman of Deal (18. 11, fath Rich H upholder), at W. 14 Dec 1797.
Volume 33
Kent, Surrey, London: - Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1781-1809 (Marriage)


David Crowe
 in the England, Select Marriages, 1538–1973
David Crowe
Marriage Date:
15 Dec 1797
Marriage Place:
Walmer, Kent, England
Amy Hayman
FHL Film Number:
Reference ID:
item 1
1279. Eyre Evans Crowe
 in the London, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
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Eyre Evans Crowe
Frances Jane Milne
Record Type:
Event Date:
7 Nov 1854
St John the Evangelist, Lambeth
Father Name:
David Crowe
Register Type:
Parish Register
1281. Obituary and death notice from the Evening Record newspaper, Ellensberg, 1914
LLewellen P. Herrmann, Edward C. Herrmann, George Crowe
1283. Richard Robert Crowe Commanded a company of Black Pioneers in 1780.
1286. Marriage, Nova Scotia,
William (George) Crowe and Sarah English, 19 Mar 1834
1287. Dictionary of National Biography, Vol 1-20, 22, page 237
Eyre Evans Crowe, 1799-1868
1288. Eyre Crowe’s Life, by Kathryn Summerwill 2009
1289. Crowe, Patrick Murray family picture. From Dianna Engeseth, Taken about 1907
1290. Attestation Paper (Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force) 1 May, 1917
Earl Winfred Kuhn. Engineer Mechanical, born June 2, 1896
1291. 1921 Canada CensusNova Scotia, Canning
Crowe, George, Hattie, Glendon, Albert, Ethyl
1292. 1851 Census England, Hampstead
Eyre Evans Crowe, Hester Archer, Amy, George, 3 servants
Haversack, 5 Devonshire Place
1293. Death Certificate, Texas
Rosina Valcik, 12/5/1936
1294. 1930 us census, Texas, Fort Bend, Justin
Lee Brodecky and John. 1st page missing.
1295. 1850 Census, Indiana, Lawrence, Flinn Twp.
Jonathan H. Reynolds
1296. Will, Eyre Evans Crowe, written in 1798, proved 1804.
1297. Public Archives and Records Office, PEI, Canada
Supreme Court Fonds
1792, W. Wadman, Plaintiff vs W. Patterson, Defendant
1298. American Migrations, 1765-1799, New Jersey, Page 391
Memorial for Richard Robert Crowe and Eyre Evans Crowe, summary of handwritten memorials.

Crowe, Robert Richard of Perth Amboy. Memorial by attorney Charles Marsh of Reading, Berkshire, sworn London 1784. The claimant served as Lieut. in the 48111 Regt. in America during the French War and was in most of the engagements of consequence; he was wounded under Gen. Braddock in 1755 and under Gen. Murray at Quebec in 1760. Because of poor health he sold out of the Army at the peace and purchased an estate at Amboy to which he retired. At the start of the last war he was forced to flee to the woods with other loyalists to avoid imprisonment; his house plundered several times and his cattle taken. He was captured and imprisoned for nine months, including 17 weeks in close confinement, and his life was often threatened after the execution of Mr. Molesworth. His family was deprived of almost everything. Upon reaching NY, he commanded a Co. of Black Pioneers and was in active service throughout the war. He went to NS in 1783. Claim for two tracts of land in Amboy and another in Cumberland Co; lands purchased by the claimant for himself and his brother Eyre Evans Crowe, including tracts purchased in 1763 from lsleton's lands, in 1765 from Everson and Milvan, in 1767 from John Young, in 1766 from Edward Lowe; 2,060 acres in NY granted by Sir Henry Moorehouse; a right bought from Britnor of 200 acres; a kiln shop for making stoneware, etc. Evidences: Inquisition dated Middlesex Co., NJ. Deposition 24 July 1784 Annapolis, NS, by Samuel Warne of Digby that he well knew the claimant before the war at South Amboy, and estimates the value of his plantation there. Deposition 25 July 1787 Digby by Isaac Bonnell that he has known the claimant since 1764. Letter to the Commission from Eyre Evans Crowe 28 January 1789 that the claimant, now in Halifax, has directed him to attend the Board. Examination 7 November ?1789. The claimant examined says he is native of Ireland who came to America with Gen. Braddock in 1755. He was offered a Gen.'s rank by the rebels but refused it and was gaoled at Brunswick; he escaped to Philadelphia and was gaoled there but got back to NJ where he was tried and acquitted, and then went home very ill. He produces a deed of 1766 whereby Nicholas Everson and James Milvan conveyed 561 acres in South Amboy to Eyre Evans Crowe, which the claimant says he bought for his brother who was then in England, living at Sydenham. He also produces a deed from John Young for 337 acres on the Delaware with a house and says he also owned 327 acres in Monmouth Co., PA. Because he had a soldier's right in NY Province, he had an order for a survey of 2,000 acres on Lake Champlain. As regards his stoneware business, he carried it on himself; his brother had nothing to do with it. Eyre Evans Crowe examined says he did not appear before because he had no evidence to prove titles, but he had remitted money to his brother to make purchases for him. (12/18/28, 63/140, 109/120; 13/17/309-323).
1299. Thompson P Crowe

Birth:  unknown
Death:  May 28, 1889

Note: born in Maine, age 77
Sailors Snug Harbor Cemetery
New Brighton
Richmond County (Staten Island)
New York, USA
Plot: Plot 5 Row 7 Grave 31
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Record added: Sep 17, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 97274164
1300. Ireland Calendar of Wills and Administrations,25 Aug1875
Will of Eyre Evans Crowe,who died 25 Feb 1868 proved by wife Jane Frances Crowe (Milne)
1-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-400, 401-500, 501-600, 601-700, 701-800, 801-900, 901-1000, 1001-1100, 1101-1200, 1201-1300, 1301-1400, 1401-1500, 1501-1600, 1601-1700, 1701-1760