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I was recently on your Johnson family website, and noticed that the information on Robert Bruce Johnson, son of John Johnson and Phebe Kimball, was incomplete and ended with him. He was my maternal great-grandfather (his banker's portrait hangs over my couch), and I grew up in the house he built in Holyoke, MA. I have RBJ's original signed copy of The History of Weare, NH.

If you are interested in his remaining line, I would be glad to send it to you.

Phebe Kimball's father, Thomas Kimball is one of my DAR Patriots, as is David Lovejoy. Phebe's grandfather's clock is in my front hall, and was moved from Massachusetts to Texas when my mother moved here in 1978.

Virginia Smith Alexander
12110 Los Cerdos St.
San Antonio, TX 78233
(H) 210-653-5361
(C )210-602-6487
1626. Email from Virginia Smith Alexander with Word attachment 8/11/2018, Here is a copy of my Johnson genealogy line. Hope it helps. The best overall Johnson reference source I know of is The History of Weare, New Hampshire, 1888. Of course it's out-of-print, but you might be able to find a copy through Amazon or Alibris. It's also online. It's a very thick book. The Great Migration, Anderson, Vol. IV, is one of my favorite go-to sources when I'm doing papers for Colonial Dames XVIIth Century,etc. That's available through New England Historic & Genealogical Society (NEHGS). You may already have this, but if not, it's available by single volume or the whole 7-volume set. I bought the whole set as all four of my  direct lines arrived in New England between 1627-1670, so I use it all the time.

This is a long document so hope it comes through. If not, I can mail you a copy.

Good luck!

(Virginia Smith Alexander)

Edmund 5, son of Obadiah and Judith (Brown) Johnson. m. Hannah, daughter of Tristram and Judith Collins, of South Hampton, in 1755. He settled at East Weare previous to 1776, when he bought his farm, which is now [1888] known as the old Johnson homestead in East Weare village, which has remained in the Johnson name since that date [prev. to 1776], and is now [1888] owned by Albert B. Johnson, who res. on the same lot. Edmund 5 d. 8 June, 1811; his wife Hannah [b. 1737]; d. 18 June 1818/19.
Children of Edmund 5 and Hannah (Collins):
i. Rhoda, b. in Kensington; d. young
ii. Patience, b. 8 Oct 1758. m. Jabez Felch.
iii.ROBERT 6, b. 27 Feb 1760+. m. Abigail Peasley
iv. Tristram, b. 7 July 1763+
v. Edmund, Jr., b. 14 July 1766+
vi. Judith, b. 21 Feb 1769. m. 1) Jonathan Gould, 2) Amos Stoning
vii. Obadiah, b. 22 May 1772. m. Sally Favor; removed to Unity.
viii. Rhoda, b. at Weare 3 May 1778. m. Daniel Gould, Jr.

According to the notes written by Dorcas Gill Smith, granddaughter of Robert Bruce Johnson of E. Weare, NH and Holyoke, MA, in regard to the tombstones in the cemetery in East Weare, Hillsborough County, NH:
Edmund Johnson5 1730-1811
Hannah Collins, 1737-1818
John Peasley, 1732-1797
His wife, Susannah Huntington, 1744-1823
Edmund Johnson and Hannah Collins are the parents of Robert Johnson who married Abigail Peasley in 1788. Both are buried in East Weare. John Peasley and Susannah Huntington are the parents of Abigail Peasley who married Robert Johnson in 1788. [See History of Weare, p. 919, 965.


Robert 6, son of Edmund 5 and Hannah (Collins) Johnson. m. Abigail Peaslee in 1788. He lived most of his life on the homestead, where he died 16 Sept 1843. His wife Abigail d. 22 July 1854.
Children of Robert 6 and Abigail Peaslee:
i. Hannah, b. Oct 1788. m. Solomon Hansom
ii. JOHN 7, b. 11 Oct 1789 +. [m. Phebe Kimball. Parents of Robert Bruce Johnson of Weare, NH & Holyoke, MA. ]
iii. Mary, b. 13 Feb 1792. m. Moses Peaslee.
iv. Edmund, b. 23 Aug 1794 +
v. Susan, b. 5 Nov, 1798; d. 9 Jan 1861, unmd.
vi. Moses, b. 10 Nov 1801 +
vii. Elijah, b. Sept 1803 +

Copied from a tombstone in the cemetery at Weare, NH by Dorcas Gill Smith, graddaughter of Robert Bruce Johnson of E. Weare, NH and Holyoke, MA:
Robert Johnson, 1761-1843
His wife, Abigail Peasley, 1763-1854
Their daughter, Susan Johnson, 1798-1861


John 7, son of Robert and Abigail (Peaslee) Johnson. m. Phebe Kimball 7, daughter of Thomas Kimball 6 and Olive (Lovejoy) Kimball, of Pembroke. John drowned in the canal at Manchester 9 May 1850 (ref. Weare, p. 637). Phebe d. 19 April 1858. Olive d. 28 Jan 1842. [Lovejoy, p. 73]

Typed (legible) version of entries in History of Weare, New Hampshire in reference to John Johnson, husband of Phebe Kimball Johnson and father of Robert Bruce Johnson — son-in-law of Thomas Kimball. John Johnson is listed as a trader in East Weare in the year 1818. p. 627

A reference on page 552 says:
"John Johnson made cloth by hand in the time of the 1812 war. He employed many hands. He took a load of cloth to Portsmouth. As he was driving along, a custom-house officer followed him. Mr. Johnson, having a fleet horse, led him a long race, then let him come up, when he found that the cloth was all American manufacture and that he had raced for nothing."

It is at the 7th generation — with the marriage of John Johnson 7 and Phebe Kimball 7 that the Kimball and Johnson families come together.
Children of John Johnson and Phebe Kimball:
i. William Wallace Johnson*, b. 6 Sept 1818 +
ii. Mary Ann, b. 14 Dec. 1819. m. Joseph McClench; res. at Chicopee, MA. Children: 1.) John W, , b. 14 Aug 1846; d. 1 Aug 1879. 2.) Joseph F., b. 8 Feb 1849, d. 10 March 1851; 3.) Cora B. b. 2 April 1852; m. Locero J. Gibbs, m. d. she d. 21 Sept 1883. 4) William W.* b. 6 April 1854; m. Katie A. Hill.
iii. Harriet C., b. 7 Dec 1823. m. Justus Webster; lived in Boston; she d. 15 Nov 1860. Children: 1.) John, b. April 1850; 2.) Clara A., b. 7 Sept 1852; d. 2 Nov 1880.
iv. John Warren, + b. 20 Feb 1826. m. Margaret Abbott.
v. ROBERT 8, +, b. 9 April 1828, Weare. m. Cornelia Clark of New Haven. Resided in Holyoke MA. Children: 1.) Charles Wallace, b. (Aug?) 22, 1860. m. Cora Ashley. Daughter: Rachel Johnson Curtis. 2.) JENTA CLARK 9, b. 1 Sept 1867; d. 8 April 1923, m. George Carleton Gill, son of Bartholomew and Mary Dwyer Gill of Hinsdale, MA 21June 1893, Holyoke. Children: Dorothy, b. 1894. m. Kendall B. Castle of Rochester, NY; 2) CORNELIA DORCAS 10, b. 18 Oct 1897; m. Lincoln B. Smith of South Hadley, (b. 15 Nov 1895), on 16 Sept 1922. 3.) Joseph W. , b. 22 July 1869; d. 30 Nov. 1869.
vi. Elvira D. b. 20 Feb 11832. m. Edgar T. Paige; resided Chicopee. She d. 20 Dec 1883.

ROBERT BRUCE JOHNSON [Kimball & Johnson 8]
Robert Bruce Johnson 8 was the son of John Johnson 7 and Phebe Kimball 7 . He was born in Weare, NH on 9 April 1828, and moved to Holyoke, MA in 1850 as a young man, "in the early days of the development of that city. For a number of years past he has been engaged in banking, and is now [1888] vice president of the Holyoke National Bank. He has been identified with nearly every enterprise calculated to promote the prosperity of Holyoke; and throughout an honored and useful life, has commanded the respect and confidence of people of all classes." [ref. History of Weare, p. 920.]
Married Cornelia Maria (Ma-rih-a) Clarke of West Haven, CT, on 27 Oct 1858, New Haven, CT; daughter of Joseph Prindle Clarke and Lydia Elizabeth Lord. She was b. 2 Aug 1835; d. 22 Feb 1914 of lobar pneumonia, Holyoke, Hampden, MA.
Robert was president of the Holyoke National Bank from April 1896- November 1899, and vice-president from February 1872-April 1896. He died of an infection following surgery for appendicitis on November 1, 1899. He and his wife are buried in Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke, MA. a "Johnson" boulder marks the plot. Upon his death, the bank directors issued the following tribute:
"In Respect to the Memory of Robert Bruce Johnson, President of the Holyoke National Bank... At a special meeting of the Directors of the Holyoke National Bank, held this day, all being present, it was voted that the following entries be made upon the Bank Records: Departed this life on the first day of November, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, Robert Bruce Johnson, in the seventy-second year of his age, and the twenty-seventh year of continuous service as a Director here. His life was a constant power for good in the up-building and best growth of the bank and this community, and no words can adequately express the profound sorrow and keen sense of personal loss felt by all his associates in this institution. He was a firm friend and wise counsellor, always honorable, high minded, dignified, helpful, cheerful and strong, with an accumulated experience that was valuable beyond measure to the institutions he was so long connected with. His advice was freely sought and generously given with a kindly interest and business-like directness of point that added to its force and made it a pleasure to deal with him. To his family, we respectfully tender our deep felt sympathy. [Signed by] George W. Prentiss, Vice-President; William Twing, Cashier — Holyoke, Mass., November 1, 1899. Robert Bruce Johnson — President from April, 1896 - November, 1899; Vice-President from February, 1872 - April, 1896. " His portrait by Joseph Caliga — along with the framed proclamation above — hangs in the home of his great-granddaughter, Virginia Smith Alexander in San Antonio, TX. The grandfather clock owned by his mother, Phebe Kimball Johnson, is there as well,
Children of Robert Bruce Johnson 8 and Cornelia Maria Clarke [All buried in Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke, MA.]
i. Charles Wallace Johnson 9, b. 1860. d. 1921. Attended Cheshire Academy. Married Cora Ashley, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 14 Oct 1890, dau. of Elisha and Eliza (Colt) Ashley, the Ashleys being one of the pioneer families of the area. Buried Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke. He was a banker like his father. He and Cora lived at 1439 Northampton Street, Holyoke in the house built for him by his father, Robert Bruce Johnson who lived next door at 1425 Northampton Street.
Only child of Charles and Cora Ashley Johnson: Rachel Johnson Curtis Case. m & div. Don Curtis of Willimantic, CT. Two children: Patricia Curtis m. Albert Alderman (one child Geoffrey); and Don Johnson Curtis, m. Barbara McCorkindale, daughter of Ruby and Roy McCorkindale of Holyoke (five children).
ii. JENTA CLARKE JOHNSON 9, b. Sept. 1, 1867; died April 8, 1923 in Holyoke. Married on 21 June 1893 — at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Holyoke — George C. Gill of Holyoke, son of Bartholomew and Mary Dwyer Gill of Hinsdale, MA. He was b. 10 Feb 1858 in Hinsdale, Berkshire County, MA, and d. 15 Feb 1955 in Rochester, Monroe, NY. He was a paper manufacturer.
iii. Joseph 9, b. July 22, 1869; d. Nov. 30, 1869.
Note: Robert Bruce Johnson and his wife Cornelia Maria Clark Johnson and their infant son Joseph; Charles Wallace Johnson and his wife Cora Ashley Johnson , their daughter Rachel Johnson Curtis; and Jenta Clark Johnson Gill and her husband George C. Gill are all buried in the Johnson-Gill plot in Forestdale Cemetery in Holyoke, Hampden County, MA. The plot is marked with a boulder with a " Johnson" plaque, and a granite bench marked "Gill." They are listed on Find-a-Grave.

Children of Jenta Clark Johnson 9 and George C. Gill:
i. Dorothy Johnson Gill 10. b. 16 Apr. 1893/4 in Holyoke; d. 26 Nov 1990 in Rochester, Monroe, NY. m. Kendall Brooks Castle, Jr. of Rochester NY, b. 20 Apr 1901; d. November 1969 in Rochester.
Two sons: i. Kendall B. Castle III (Terry), b. 23 May 1927; d. 2 Aug 2007. m. Ann Chalice of Rochester. Three children: Lynda, Bill, Douglas). ii. Carleton Gill Castle, b. 9 Jun 1930; d. 7 Jan 2013 in Rochester; m. Mary b. in Manchester, England). Three sons: Rod, Gill, Stephen.
ii. CORNELIA DORCAS GILL10, b. 18 Oct 1897 in Holyoke; d. 25 Feb 1993 in San Antonio, TX. m. Lincoln Bardwell Smith, son of Fred Merwin and Evelyn Helen Bardwell of South Hadley, Falls, MA. on 16 Sept 1922 in Holyoke. Lincoln was b. 15 Nov 1895 in South Hadley, and 24 March 1977 in Holyoke. Dorcas graduated from Emma Willard School in Troy NY in 1916, and from Smith College in 1920. Lincoln attended Choate and Amherst College; served in France during WWI with the 103rd Field Artillery, Yankee Division. He was the first licensed pilot in New England, and gave Ann Morrow Lindberg her first airplane ride. He was a businessman, banker, and a man of multi-talents and exceptional integrity.
Children of C. Dorcas Gill10 and Lincoln Bardwell Smith:
i. Robert Bruce Smith — Adopted. b. in Boston 3 Oct 1929. m. 1) Nancy Cameron of Haworth, NJ. Divorced. Two adopted children: Leslie and Craig. m.2) Jeanne (divorced); m. 3) Jeannine Korman of Rochester, NY (b. in the Alsace region of France.)
ii. VIRGINIA DORCAS SMITH 11. b. 3 July 1934, Holyoke, MA. m. Sigmund Alexander of Bayonne, NJ on 18 June 1955 in Holyoke. graduated from the Northfield School For Girls in East Northfield, MA in 1952; and from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA in 1956. Worked as a volunteer writer and editor for many years; and as a professional writer and editor the headquarters of the American Automobile Association (AAA) in Annandale, VA, and for many years for the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) in San Antonio, TX. Active all her adult life as volunteer Red Cross Grey Lady, member Jr. League of Holyoke, as an officer and member of Officers' Wives clubs throughout the U.S., and the Episcopall church as a licensed lay Eucharistic minister, altar guild member, choir, vestry member, choir, and office worker. m. Sigmund in Skinner Memorial Chapel of the 2nd Congregational Church in Holyoke by the Rev. Walter Telfer on 18 June, 1955. As an Air Force wife, made 14 moves with her family. Sigmund was b. 2 April 1928 in Franklin, NJ. Graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kingspoint NY in 1950. Career Air Force officer retiring as a colonel.

Children of Virginia Dorcas Smith 11 and Sigmund Alexander
i. CYNTHIA Diane Alexander 12, b. 21 April 1956 in Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, Monroe Co, NY. Graduated from high school in Fairfax, VA. Attended Trinity University in San Antonio and graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in 1978 with high honors and a degree in Occupational Therapy. Received Master's degree in Medical Education from Southwest Texas University in San Marcos. Received certification as a hand therapist and Lymphedema specialist. Worked for several private medical practices, including Paul Pace, MD; and Michael Jones, MD and Woodward Coleman, MD, as well as HealthSouth. Married James Michael Garrett, b. 30 June 1956 in San Antonio, son of James Michael and Shirley Garrett of Seguin on 5 May 1990 at St. Francis Episcopal Church, San Antonio, TX by the Rev. James Mitchell. He served as a police officer in the Air Force and at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. No children..
ii. PETER Johnson Alexander 12
, b. Jan. 16, 1958 in Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, Monroe Co, NY. Graduated from Douglas MacArthur High School in 1976. Received a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy where he studied for two years. He transferred to Texas A&M Academy in Galveston, TX where he received a degree in Marine Engineering in 1981, and a commission in the U.S. Naval Reserve. Sailed as a marine engineer throughout the world for seven years. Went to work for PT Hickham in Houston; transferred to Jakarta, Indonesia where they remained for ten years. During that time, PT Hickham became part of Sulzer, Ltd, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Transferred to Zurich in 2003 where he became president of Sulzer's Turbo machinery division. Married Karen Cardenas, b. 15 July 1956, of San Antonio, Bexar, TX, daughter of John and Maedean Cardenas, of San Antonio, on 11 May 1995 at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Boerne, TX. Children: Nicholas Gill Alexander 13, b. 11 October 1989, Houston, TX; Olivia Cardenas Alexander 13 , b. 27 October, 1995, Jakarta, Indonesia.
iii. DAVID
Lincoln Alexander 12, b 20 October, 1962 at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Kittery, Maine. Graduated in 1980 from James Madison High School in San Antonio in the new school's first graduating class. Graduated from Texas A&M University — Corps of Cadets and head of the 33-man drum line in the Aggie Band — in College Station, TX in 1984 with a degree in History and a reserve commission in the U.S. Air Force. Worked for Joske's of Texas in San Antonio in their management development program, Dillards, and in Human Resources for Compaq Computer in Houston, Allied Signal in Kansas City, KS; Cingular (which became AT&T Mobility) in Seattle, and recruited by HQ Washington Mutual (WAMU), the nation's fourth largest savings bank. Following WAMU'S being taken over by Chase in 2009, the family moved to Philadelphia (Newtown Square) where David became SVP of HR in the international division of SAP, one of the world's largest commercial software providers. Recruited by DFC Global where he became chief Human Resources Officer. Married Meri Gay Burton, a teacher, and adopted daughter of William Burton and his late (1) wife of LaPorte, Texas, at Church of the Resurrection, Episcopal, San Antonio, TX on 22 December 1984 by the Rev. Russel (sic) Matthews. Children: Emily Morgan Alexander 13, b. 24 October 1990, Houston, Texas. m. James Houston Simon of Lafayette, LA on 24 June 2107 in San Antonio, TX by The Rev. Christopher O. Cole, Rector of Resurrection Episcopal Church. Michael Lincoln Alexander 13, b. 27 September 1993, Houston, Texas.
Bardwell Alexander 12, b. 7 August 1969, in San Bernardino Community Hospital, San Bernardino, California. Graduated in 1987 from James Madison High School in San Antonio, and from Texas A&M University in College Station in 1991 with a degree in Business & Marketing. Received a Master's degree in Health Care Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio. Worked for HealthSouth and several health care facilities, becoming SVP Development and Strategic Planning for the Gulf Coast Division of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) in Houston. Married Karen McHale of San Antonio, TX, daughter of Bob and Bobbie McHale, at Church of the Resurrection, Episcopal, San Antonio, TX on 19 August 1995, by the Rev. Walter Prehn. Children: Nathaniel (Nathan) Bardwell Alexander 13, b.16 March 2000, Houston, Texas.; Natalie McHale Alexander 13, b. 29 January 2003, Houston, Texas.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1; ID #124989
(As of May 22, 2016)

Cornelia Maria Clarke , daughter of Joseph Prindle Clarke and 1) Lydia Elizabeth Lord, was b. 2 Aug 1835 in West Haven (New Haven) CT. She m. Robert Bruce Johnson on 2 Oct 1858. He was b. on 9 Apr 1828 in East Weare (Hillsborough) , NH, the son of John Johnson and Phoebe Kimball Johnson. He moved to Holyoke (Hampden) MA in 1850 and became a banker. He d. 1 Nov 1899 of appendicitis. She d. Feb. 1914 of pneumonia. They are buried in Forestdale Cemetery in Holyoke.

Cornelia and Robert had three children. ( Joseph Clarke Johnson d. in infancy 22 Jul 1869; d. 30 Nov 1869.)
Charles Wallace Johnson was b. in May 22, 1860 in Holyoke. He m. Cora Ashley on 11 Oct 1890. She was the daughter of Elisha and Eliza (Colt) Ashley, one of the pioneer families of Holyoke. He succeeded his father as treasurer of the Holyoke Savings Bank. He d. in 1921 of cancer. She d. in the 1940s in Holyoke. Buried in Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke.
They had one daughter, Rachel b. 1891/2, who married & divorced Don Johnson.
Jenta Clarke Johnson Gill was b. 1 Sep 1867 in Holyoke. She d. 8 Apr 1923 of pneumonia. She m. George C Gill, industrialist and banker on 21 June 1893 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Holyoke. He was b. on 10 Feb 1858 in Hinsdale, MA, son of Bartholomew and Mary Dwyer Gill, and d. of cancer in Rochester, NY on 15 Feb 1955. Buried in Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke.

Jenta Clark Johnson and George C. Gill had two daughters:
Dorothy Johnson Gill was b. on 16 Apr 1894 in Holyoke; d. 26 Nov 1990 in Rochester (Monroe) NY. She m. Kendall Brooks Castle, Jr., (20 Apr 1901-Nov 1969, of Rochester) in Holyoke in 1926. They are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester. They had two sons: Kendall B. Castle III (wife Anne) and Carleton Gill Castle (wife Mary) of Rochester.
Cornelia Dorcas Gill was b. 18 Oct 1897 in Holyoke; d. in San Antonio (Bexar) TX on 25 Feb 1993. She m. Lincoln Bardwell Smith in the garden of the family home on 16 Sep 1922. He was b. 15 Nov 1895 in South Hadley Falls (Hampshire) MA, the son of Fred Merwin Smith and Evelyn Helen Bardwell. (Evelyn d. at the age of 108 in April 1969.) (Descended from Lt. Samuel Smith who arrived in Wethersfield, CT in 1634, and founded Hadley, Massachusetts Bay in 1659. Evelyn is descended from Robert Bardwell who arrived in Massachusetts Bay in 1670, and settled in Hatfield, MA.) Lincoln served in France throughout WWI in the Yankee Division, Co. B, 123rd Field Artillery. He d. in Holyoke on 24 Mar 1977. They are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in South Hadley. Lincoln and Dorcas had two children. Robert Bruce Smith (adopted) was born in Boston, 3 Oct 1929; d. in Rochester, NY 13 Feb 2014. Married three times. Virginia Dorcas Smith was born in Holyoke 3 Jul 1934. m. Sigmund Alexander, Col, USAF (Ret), 18 Jun 1955 in Holyoke. Lives in San Antonio, TX. Four children.

Submitted by Virginia Smith Alexander
12110 Los Cerdos St., San Antonio, TX 78233. []
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This is the eighth of a series of articles appearing in this newspaper, on the life of the pioneers of this community and the early day life as the first s e t t l e r struggled to establish a civilization on these hills and prairies wherc
before only wild animals and savage Indians had
SEP 9,1937
Mrs. K. E. Crowe was born in Berlin,
They came to Cherry County by Wis., February 22, 1856 and her par-
train and moved on a beautiful home- ents moved to Minnesota when she
stead which was located along the No- was four years old. The
brara River sixteen miles southeast of Weekly" was a paper taken in their
Gordon and six miles south of Irwin; home that pictured, the scenes of
their post office being Lavacca. Along Civil W a r battles and destruction.
with other belongings they brough Theylived nearOyota, Minn., twelve
two carloads of heifers. This valley -a miles east of Rochester. There were a
long the Niobrara was their home for few log houses in this settlement at
seven years.
Their t
hree youngest that time.
No one had even heard of
ildren w
ere born hre. The Crowe
a sod house at that time.
children still insist that the happiest They hauled their wheat to Winona,
days of their Lves were spent on tills
a town situated along the banks oi
the Mississippi River. There were no
People, who have known this fam ly trains in this section of the country at
will be interested in knowing wher. that time and the wheat was takeu by
these folks now reside: Albert in means of boats to the larger ties
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada; Two of Mrs. Crowe's brothers en-
Mrs. H a r r y Ayres passed away. six listed in the army.
This was shortly
years ago; Mrs. Fred Metzger, Kotli-E- after the New Eulm Massacre and they
may, Mont.; Mrs. Alva Green, Austin, were forced to protect themselves from
Tex.; Mrs. P. H. Young, Simeon, Nebr., t h e Indians.
They were driven into
Mr. Rodney Johnson, Friend, Nebr. Montana by the Sioux Indians.
Mrs. c. C. Young, Marshall, Mo.; Candles furnished their light until
Fred Crowe, Wood Lake, Nebr.; Joel, Mrs. Crowe was ten years old.. Tne
Jr. passed away when he was four kerosene lamp was a very dangerous
years old.
way of lighting the homes. Their ker-
osene was not refined properly at that
v e r y time and it oiten caused an explosio.
They always h a d
sometning tu when only a small quantity was sp I-
eat and sumething to wear. The ter- rible blizzard i n 1897 took m o s t 01 eOd n Mrs. Crowes' twentieth birthday
their cattle.
she was married to Mr. Joel W. Crowe
Mr. and Mrs. Crowe helped orgar- at Claremont, Minn. Mr. Crowe Was ize the first school at Lavaca. Mrs. born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Octobe:
Crowe h a d taught school before she 20, 1836 and came to live in Minnesota
married and now she taught the La- when h e was twenty-ome years old.
vaca school the fall after her baby Soll They lived in Minnesota for twelve
passed away in the spring. Their years where six of their children were
school house was a small soddie in born.
which eighteen scholars were taught
A t a b o u t e l e v e n o ' c l o c k A r t h u r a_r by Mrs. Crowe during the first terin.
rived home to find no one there.
He There was very little money with
r o d e over to the Bruce home
w h i c h which to pay the teacher.
It was
was located one mile west of them agreed that her salary be $25 p e r
and learned that the Bruces were get- month. Mrs. Crowe doesn't mind tell-
ting ready to go across the river and ing on the Bank at Gordon,
that his folks were at the Sparks which discounted her warrants at
home. He gallopea toward the pidie thirty-three and one-third percent.
and it was then that a wagedy cousa Mirs. Crowe taught many more terms
have occured. As Arthur was galop-
of school.
ing down the canyon on his Indian I n the fall of 1890 shortly after the
pony at a brisk rave of speed wan Wounded Knee Battle the Indians
two of tha men stationed inere called were on a rampage in South Dakcta
a halt and were about to me wed Arthur made known it was he. } He n o r t h of their home. Mr. Crowe, his
made fun of them and sad he had father and son, Arthur had taken cat-
heard noshing about Indians coming. tie to Irwin to ship when Mr. Hor-
The next norning approached w i t ner, then the teacher of their school.
a typical sand hill bzzard and tire and the Skinner boys reported that
kinaling did come in handy.
the Indians were coming down thru
Mr. and Mrs. Crowe and family thatpartof the country. Mrs. Crowe
moved to Merriman about 1894, w h e e didn't take any stock in this alarm.
She was bakhinbg bread and said she Mrs. Crowe taugnt over lucy puppin would finis
it, belore
before the room was diviacd. D u l would go to the Sparks home where
taught here for thre years. The loi they had decided to fortify them-
year she taugnt here the room was di- selves since this house was quite well
vided. and she taught the intermed ale protected. While she was doing this
department. Many of the tolks Mrs. one of their daughters said she knew
Crowe taught are mothers, fathers. they would need kindling when they
granatathers, grandmothea, busintas returned and proceded up the canyon
men, teachers, and in all professions. where she secured i t . I t was a beauti-
They moved to Simeon to a homc- ful fall day. Mrs. Croweput the bread
stead from Merriman W e r e Mrs. into a flour sack and placed a note on
Crowe taught her last full term of one of the pies she had baked that day
school at tne age of fifty-seven. She stating where they had gone in casc
the men folks should return and won-
has done substitute teaching since.
der what had happened. There were
‚Mr. Crowe passed away in 1914 at Simeon. That fail she accumpanicu at least thirty people congregated al
this home and, naturally, the breaci c a m e in mighty handy. The young- sters slept cross wise on the beds while the grown folks kept watch. A
number of familles were grouped in a h o m e across the river, also, but at the Sparks home there were the Sidney Finks, H u c k s , Skinners, Mr. Horner, and those that h a i n ' t gone to Irwin of the Crowe family. The men mail-
ed what pewter there was around the house to make bullets and took turns
a t keeping watch.
her brother who she hadn't seen for thirty years to Florida where thug visited a sister they hadn't seen for a long long time.
She purchased a h o m e a t Z e p h y r H i l l s , Fla. Mrs. Crowe spant the, next ten years of h e r life visiting Cherry County reid- t i v e s a n d f r i e n d s a n d l i v i n g in Floi.. ida. She experenced one serious tor.
nado in Florida that blew people froin their homes and uprooted huge forest
trees but she received no severe dair- age.
1653. US Census 1950, Marysville, Yuba, CA. Census started April 17, 1950.
These houses are located in the section known as the Park in Challenge. They are not numbered & the lanes not named. The area is very congested.

Victor Sasek 48 Timberman Lumber Industry
Mabel 44
Victor 20 Timberman Lumber Industry
Jan 9
Richard 6
Johanna 4
All sons.
1654. Massachusetts Death Certificate, June 5, 1909.
Thompson Crowe died from knife wounds of chest and abdomen.
Deathwas non Prospect St, Cambridge
1655. US census, 1950, Grand Coulee City, Grant, WA
Richard R Crowe, 76
Dorothy Crowe, 74
1656. Newspapers. com
Daily Press,Newport News, VA. Sunday, Dec 3, 2006.
Mrriage of Michael Caruso and Cathleen Morse, Sep 16, 2006
1657. US Census Somerville, Middlesex, MA, 1940, apr 9, 1940
William Crowe 38
Helen 38
John 18
Evelyn 15
William 7
Shea, John 67 F in Law
All born in MA.
1658. Baron Carbery Lineage, to 2009, 12th Baron
1659. Albert W. Litle Obituary
1661. Marriage of Lewis Crowe and Salina Seaman, 1/14/1893,Watertown, MA
1662. Thompson was granted a Master’s Certificate of Service on 21 Aug, 1854 after 17 years of sevice as a Seaman Mate & Master
1663. In 1950 Census of Portland, Cumberland , Maine, Walter and Marion lived in the Home for aged Men and Women. He was 69, she was 58.
1664. 1930 US Census, Golden, Jefferson, CO, Harold L. McCrasy (Sr)Inmate in County Jail’
1665. Marriage, Arthur Wallace Crowe & Lydia Peal Schumway, 1/14/1897
1666. Miami Herald Nov 29, 1936, Cora Crowe Rich Naylor died Nov 26 1936.
1667. 1940 Census Baraboo, Sauk, WI
Arthur W
Richard R
Robert R
John C
1668. US Census 1940 Portland, Cumberland, ME, Walter and Marion Files, age 59 & 48. Walter is Superintendent.
1669. Marriage Record, Maine 1713-1922, Walter Files & Marion I. Walsh, 9/6/1916,Portland
1670. Record of Death Laura Isabella Crowe. 11/7/1918, Portland, ME
1671. Intent of marriage Walter Wentworth Files Jr & Anne Foster and parents info.
New Hampshire
1672. Thompson on crew list for a whaling voyage in 1884
1673. 1870 US Census, Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
William Towns 38
Mary (Crowe) 34
Emma 8
Hiram E 6
Ella M 3
E 97
1674. 1870 Census Wisconsin Blue Earth
TW Selby
Hattie Jane 8
James 5
Sherman 1
1675. 1880 Census Wisconsin, Vernon, Blue Earth
Selby, Thomas 42
Adeline 38
James 15
Sherman 11
Burton 5

Thompson P Crowe 43
Milton 5
Emery 2
1676. 1905 wisconsin census waushara, oasis, wisconsis
Burton Crowe 55
Nellie 45
1677. Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., 1821-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists
Family of Richard Robert and Mary Ann plus Amelia, daughter of EE Crowe & Penelope Ilsely, arrived August 17 or 19, 1850, in Boston, on the Lucinda
1678. Wisconsin Death Record, Eyre Evan Crowe, 99 yr 4 mo 10 days
10 8 1774-2 17 1872
1679. EE Crowe Land purchase record, 1 Sep 1857.
1680. EE Crowe death, Find a grave, 18 Feb 1873.Lamartine Cemetery, Fond du Lac, WI.
1681. Wisconsin marriage, Eyre Crowe & MaryJ. Selby, Feb 26, 1861,
1682. Marriage Record, St John NB
William Walsh, 32 & Alice M. Baxter, 22
July 4, 1894
1683. 1900 US CensusMcMinnville, Warren, TN
Crowe, Thompson P. Apr 1837 NS
Walker Dec 1856 TN
Milton Jan 1875 TN
Ray H. Mar 1833 TN
Abe Jun 1892 TN
R.D. May 1895 TN
1684. Marriage Record 8 Dec 1880
Blue Earth, MN
Thompson P Crowe
Ellen J. Nott
1685. Marriage, Thompson Philip Crowe & Emily, 4 Dec 1870
Blue Earth, Faribault, MN
1686. Marriage,Warren Co, TN, 5 Mar 1890
TP Crowe & Walker Bonner
1688. Death Record, Veterans Hospital, Rutherford Co, TN
R. D. Crowe died Mar 2, 1942
1689. Obiturary, T P Crowe, Nashville Banner. Died in his 85th year., wife was Bonner.
1690. 1920 US Census, McMinnville, Warren, TN. TP Crowe, 82, Walker 63, RD 24, Bonner 21
1691. The matter of the stolen sails
1692. Marriager Record, Gorham, Maine1 Jan 1895
Abraham Edwards & Mary Brimhall
1693. Obituary John Charles (Carl) Heinzman.
1694. Obittuary, Sacramento, CA, Emily Marie Massaud Johnson
1695. WWII Draft Card, Arthur Howard, El Dorado, Union, AR
1696. 1950 Census Lowell & Betty Goff & 5 children. sundance, Crook, WY
1697. Military Service, July 1, 1780, Dustins Company, 21 New Hampshire Regiment.
1698. 1861 Census, Canada, Levi Patmore, Eliz Bastedo & 4 Children
1699. 185 Census of Canada, Levi Patmore.
1700. 1871 Census of Canada, Levi Patmore.
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